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03-K64 Firefly "Serenity"


Serenity, named for the Battle of Serenity Valley, is a Firefly-class mid bulk transport that Captain Malcolm Reynolds purchased at a used ship lot instead of the ship that had been suggested to him by the dealer. When he first purchased the ship she was in unflyable condition, but with the help of engineer Kaylee, first mate Zoe Alleyne and pilot Wash, she was restored to spaceworthy condition.

Reynolds fell in love with Serenity at first sight and bought it without consulting Alleyne, something which caused a bit of contention when he first showed it to her and she opined that he had been robbed. Malcolm had faith in their ability to get the ship working again, and it became a home for its crew.

The ship maintains two shuttles that Mal rented out to tenants for some extra cash. Only one shuttlepod was rented out at the time of the series, that being the one belonging to Companion Inara Serra, while the other was open for use when necessary. In emergencies, the ship's shuttles were used for lifeboats.

Serenity's career was marked by lack of proper maintenance, not for lack of trying by crack mechanic Kaylee, but for lack of funding and the miserly Mal - Mal, on several occasions, simply refused to pay for necessary parts and repairs, trusting Kaylee to keep the ship operational in situations where it was simply not possible. In one notable incident, Serenity's entire crew were nearly killed when a compression coil (which Kaylee had been requesting a replacement for for months) finally blew out and sent a wall of flames roaring through the ship.


Serenity, side view (Zoic)
Serenity, front view

The main draw of the Firefly-class mid bulk transport (to smugglers, anyway) is the fact that the old Fireflies have a lot of difficult-to-locate nooks and crannies to hide things in, making them perfect for less-than-legal operations.

Serenity is an '03-series Firefly (class code 03-K64), marked by the addition of "extenders" that keep the ship from shaking. The '03-series uses a "trace compression block" and has a standard radion-accelerator engine core.


  • A Firefly-class ship made an appearance in Battlestar Galactica (2003), visible for a few seconds out a window on Caprica during the miniseries. The special effects for BSG are done by the same company that did Firefly, so they threw in the Firefly-class ship as a joke.