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Premiere July 2, 2017
Finale December 30, 2017
Network/Provider Tokyo MX (Japan)
Netflix (worldwide)
Style 30-minute action/fantasy anime
Company A-1 Pictures
Seasons 1
Episodes 25
(List of episodes)
Origin Japan
Watch Now Fate/Apocryphaon Netflix

Fourteen Heroic Spirits gather for an apocryphal Holy Grail War. In a city called Fuyuki, seven magi and their Heroic Spirits once clashed in a Holy Grail War. But amid the chaos of the Second World War, a magus made off with the Grail. Decades later, the Yggdmillennia clan holds the Grail high and secedes from the Mage's Association, declaring their independence. Angered by the move, the Association sends assassins after them, only to have them wiped out by a Yggdmillennia Servant. The choice is made to fight Servants with Servants, and the Holy Grail War system is expanded to two factions of seven Servants each. A Holy Grail War of unprecedented scale - a Great Holy Grail War - begins in Trifas, Romania.



Actor Character
Main Cast
Natsuki Hanae Sieg
Maaya Sakamoto Ruler
Koki Uchiyama Shirou Kotomine
Miyuki Sawashiro Saber of Red
Junichi Suwabe Saber of Black
Saori Hayami Archer of Red
Shunsuke Takeuchi Archer of Black
Koji Yusa Lancer of Red
Ryotaro Okiayu Lancer of Black
Makoto Furukawa Rider of Red
Rumi Okubo Rider of Black
Tetsu Inada Caster of Red
Mitsuru Miyamoto Caster of Black
Satoshi Tsuruoka Berserker of Red
Ai Nonaka Medea
Berserker of Black
Kei Shindo Assassin of Red
Sakura Tange Assassin of Black


Season  Premiere Finale #
Tokyo MX
Season One July 2, 2017 December 30, 2017 25


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There are no DVD releases for this show.

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