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FOX-y Lady
Season 7, Episode 10
Airdate March 22, 2009
Written by Matt Fleckenstein
Directed by Pete Michels
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Family GuySeason Seven
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FOX-y Lady is the tenth episode of the seventh season of Family Guy, and the one hundred twenty-first episode overall.

In this episode, Lois gets a job as a news reporter and anchor for FOX News, while Peter creates a prime-time cartoon series, "Handi-Quacks."



Starring: Seth McFarlane, Alex Borstein, Seth Green, Mila Kunis, Mike Henry

Also Starring: Johnny Brennan (Mort Goldman), Kirker Butler (), Steve Callaghan (), Peter Chernin (Himself), Mark DeCarlo (), Jackson Douglas (), Ralph Garman (), Ed Helms (), Mark Hentemann (), John Moschitta, Jr. (FedEx Guy), Kim Parks (), Seth Rogen (), Fred Savage (Himself), Danny Smith (), Daniel Stern (), Sharon Tay (), Jennifer Tilly (Bonnie Swanson), John Viener (), Patrick Warburton (Joe Swanson), Adam West (Mayor Adam West)

Plot Overview

When a news anchor for FOX News is fired, Lois Griffin realizes she has never put her journalism degree to work and decides to apply. Despite her lack of experience and Brian's deep concern about FOX's alleged right-wing bias, Lois is immediately hired. Her first assignment is to do an exposé on filmmaker Michael Moore and produce a story confirming that he is a homosexual. When she and Brian spy on Moore outside his home, they see Rush Limbaugh walking out and conclude that Moore and Limbaugh may be engaged in a homosexual relationship.

Lois presents her findings, and FOX News executives refuse to air her story because it incriminates Limbaugh. This confirms Brian's suspicions about FOX's political leanings, and Lois reluctantly agrees. Still, they decide they need to find out what's really going on ... and they break into Moore's home after they see a nude Limbaugh walking inside a bedroom. When they confront the nude Limbaugh, he reveals himself to be ... Moore in costume. Or is it? Moore — after claiming that Limbaugh was always him in disguise — unzips himself to reveal that he was always ... actor Fred Savage. Savage says he had created the characters of Limbaugh and Moore to satisfy his desire to be an actor, then shows a number of costumes of other actors, musicians and politicians. Daniel Stern (the adult voice of Kevin Arnold on The Wonder Years, the series Savage starred in during his teen-aged years) begins doing a voice over, but Savage tells him to shut up.

In the wrap-up, Lois states that she is no longer employed by FOX News, and she and the others brush it off like nothing major had happened.


Peter takes advantage of his wife's employment with FOX News to pitch a proposed prime-time animated series named "Handi-Quacks," a show presenting the adventures of mentally handicapped ducks. Peter consults with Chris and Meg on developing the series, with Peter enthusiastically approving of Chris' inane suggestions and flatly rejecting anything that Meg says. Eventually, Meg is ousted from the project.

Peter takes great ownership in the project, and during the voice-over session — Joe, Cleveland and Quagmire are the voice actors — he gets very upset when Cleveland deviates slightly from his vision of how the voice should be acted.

Peter takes his crudely developed, animated and produced pilot to FOX chairman Peter Chernin, and somehow, Chernin enjoys what he sees and buys the series. However, Peter makes a big mistake when he refuses to compromise on a minor chang in a character's design, then decides to not allow the show to air on FOX ... even after Chernin gives in and buys the series as-is.


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