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Dial Meg for Murder
Season 8, Episode 11
Airdate January 31, 2010
Writer(s) Alex Carter and Andrew Goldberg
Director(s) Cyndi Tang
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Family GuySeason Eight
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Dial Meg for Murder is the eleventh episode of the eighth season of Family Guy, and the one hundred thirty-eighth episode overall.

The intro story of Peter training for an upcoming rodeo leads into the episode's main story: Meg going to prison for harboring a fugitive (whom she met through a pen-pal project and helped escape prison), becoming toughened and - upon her release - gaining revenge on everyone who had tortured and tormented her.



Starring: Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein, Mila Kunis, Seth Green, Mike Henry

Also Starring: Adam West (Mayor Adam West),

Plot Overview

Peter enters a local rodeo competition, and begins using Meg (against her will, as usual) to train for a steer competiton; when he tears off Meg's pants and tries to brand her, Adam West shows up, reveals that he already branded her, and ropes her up. Eventually, Peter enters a bull-riding competion ... but doesn't count on the bull planning to exact some very unique revenge for being used against his will. Needless to say, Peter is thoroughly and utterly humiliated.

While Peter is being raped (offscreen) by the bull, Brian meets the editor of Teen People, who gives him a job writing an article about the average American girl. Brian decides to select Meg as his subject and begins following her around town. Eyebrows are raised when Brian and Stewie learn that Meg has been going to the local prison and has fallen in love with an inmate. Luke - whom was incarcerated for robbery - had been the person Meg met through a school pen-pal project.

Brian immediately tells Peter and Lois, who confront Meg and demand an end to the relationship. However, Luke breaks out of prison and hides at the Griffins' house. Brian finds Luke and calls Joe to have Luke arrested; Meg is also taken into custody for harboring a fugitive. Meg is sentenced to prison.

Flash forward several weeks, and Meg is released from prison a much different person. Instead of the meek, bullied Meg, she is now the aggressor. She first searches out Peter, tells him "you're my bitch now" and begins torturing him (much like how Peter always physically abused Meg). At school, Meg also gains revenge on Connie and all her friends for all those years of being humiliated and the butt of cruel pranks; she hits several of the popular jocks over the head with a pillowcase full of soft drink cans, while forcing an unconcious Connie to swallow her tongue.

Meg later decides to start a new life away from home and quickly ambuses Brian in his car. She forces him at gunpoint to drive to Mort's Pharmacy to rob the business. Brian hastily shows Meg the article he wrote about her in Teen People, which describes her "far sweeter and kinder" than the typical American girl. Meg is touched by this, reverts to her old self and the two go home.


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Allusions and References

  • Dial "M" for Murder - The title of the classic 1954 Alfred Hitchcock thriller serves as the inspiration for this episode's title.

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