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Prue Halliwell
Charmed-Prue Halliwell.jpg
Actor Shannen Doherty
First Appearance 1x00 - Pilot
Last Appearance 3x22 - All Hell Breaks Loose
Series Billing Billed
Episode Count 66
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Basic Information

The oldest of three sisters, Prue Halliwell was always the strong one. She calls on that strength when the girls’ grandmother dies and powers are restored to the Charmed Ones. Serious and responsible, she rejects her magical identity until it is proven the Halliwells each have a power and a purpose. Prue adapts to her telekinetic ability and accepts that the professional, personal, and magical elements of the Halliwells’ lives are neither inseparable nor easy to manage. Joining with her sister to protect Innocents helps her mend her strained relationship with Phoebe. But fighting evil doesn’t erase all old wounds. Prue cannot easily forgive their father for walking out on his daughters when they were just children. Although she eventually reconciles with Victor, it takes time for her to allow him to fully be a part of her life again. Prue’s ongoing issues with trust also cause her to feel betrayed once again by Phoebe, when Half-demon Cole enters the picture.

Like her sisters, Prue finds romantic relationships and being a Charmed One a difficult mix. She rekindles a flame with old beau, Andy Trudeau, only to have it thwarted by secrecy, suspicion, and ultimately, his death. Prue learns to accept her fate and stoically embraces her destiny. She is an expert on art and antiques but quits her job at Buckland’s Auction House after vanquishing her demon boss and being unable to accept the unethical business practices of the new owners and her new boyfriend/coworker, Jack Sheridan. Prue’s talent as a photographer lands her work for 415 magazine, finally fulfilling her true career aspirations.

Shortly before the Source’s assassin, Shax, ends her life, Prue recognizes that she’s often driven by pride, and comes to terms with the inevitability of death.

Character History

Memorable Moments


  • Prue is a Scorpio.