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Charles Macaulay

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Charles Macaulay
Born September 26, 1927 in Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Died August 13, 1999 in Healdsburg, California, USA
Sometimes credited as Charles MacCauley
Notable Roles
Notable Episodes



Guest Starring Roles

Series Role Episode Airdate
The Rifleman Sloan 4x03 - Sheer Terror September 16, 1961
Dr. Kildare Jameson Black 2x11 - The Legacy December 13, 1962
Hazel Philip Grantson 4x23 - Hazel's Day in Court March 4, 1965
Daniel Boone Colonel Arthur Merivale 3x02 - The Allegiances September 22, 1966
Occasional Wife Captain 1x08 - Danger! Woman at Work November 1, 1966
Star Trek: The Original Series Landru 1x21 - The Return of the Archons February 9, 1967
Star Trek: The Original Series Jaris 2x14 - Wolf in the Fold December 22, 1967
The Wild Wild West Zack Morton 4x09 - The Night of Fire and Brimstone November 22, 1968
Ironside Frank Kincaid 2x18 - The Prophecy February 6, 1969
Mission: Impossible Conway 4x21 - Lover's Knot February 22, 1970
The F.B.I. Jeweller 6x09 - The Impersonator November 22, 1970
Dan August 1x28 - The Assassin April 8, 1971
Columbo Durkee 2x01 - Étude in Black September 17, 1972
Gunsmoke Dofeny 18x09 - Milligan November 6, 1972
Gunsmoke Mr. Dofeny 18x23 - Talbot February 26, 1973
Cannon 3x11 - The Limping Man November 14, 1973
Columbo Farnsworth 3x06 - Mind Over Mayhem February 18, 1974
Emergency! Ellis 3x22 - Inventions March 23, 1974
Barnaby Jones Charles Siddon 3x23 - Jeopardy for Two April 1, 1975
Barnaby Jones Lawrence Ordway 6x04 - Yesterday's Terror October 13, 1977
Barnaby Jones J. Latimer Kirkland 8x14 - The Killing Point January 17, 1980

Awards and Accolades