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Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Sarah Hagan as Amanda
Actor Sarah Hagan
First Appearance 7x04 - Help
Last Appearance 7x22 - Chosen
Series Billing Guest Star
Episode Count 10
Notable Episodes 7x04 - Help
7x12 - Potential
7x22 - Chosen

Amanda is a character in the seventh and final season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She was portrayed by Sarah Hagan.


Basic Information

Amanda (born 1986) is introduced as a tall, skinny, pale-faced and painfully shy Sunnydale High student who first appears in the seventh season episode, "Help", part of the seemingly-random stream of students showing up in Buffy's guidance office. It is in this episode that Amanda first reveals her predilection for defending herself using violence as she discusses beating up on a boy at school who had been picking on her with Buffy.

Amanda returns in "Potential", meeting Buffy at her office again to discuss the same boy from "Help" who had bullied her, also bringing up that she thinks some of her classmates believe Amanda to be weird. Later in the episode, Willow learns of a potential Slayer living in Sunnydale and decides to cast a locator spell. While originally misinterpreting the spell to indicate that Dawn is the potential after Dawn is caught by the spell as she goes to open the front door, it is later revealed the spell found Amanda, who had arrived at the door moments before (unknown to the gang at the time) in search of Buffy. Amanda later meets Dawn out on a walk and they return to the school, where Amanda dispatches a vampire that had earlier attacked her after learning of her true destiny when the Bringers attack her.

She receives the full powers of a Slayer, along with all other Potentials, due to Willow's Slayer activation spell in "Chosen". She is killed violently in the final battle in the Hellmouth not long after, later in the episode.

Character History

Memorable Moments


  • Amanda's weapon of choice for slaying vampires is a sharpened wooden pole, developed from a broken flagpole she had used to slay the vampire that attacked her in "Potential".
  • Amanda has appeared in:
  • Season 7 (2002–2003): "Help", "Potential", "First Date", "Get It Done", "Storyteller", "Dirty Girls", "Empty Places"', "Touched", "End Of Days", "Chosen".