Bronco/Game at the Beacon Club

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Game at the Beacon Club
Airdate September 22, 1959
Written by teleplay
Jackson Gillis
Arthur W. Silver
Directed by Arthur Lubin
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Red Water North
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The Burning Springs
BroncoSeason Two

Game at the Beacon Club is the first episode of the second season of Bronco, and the twenty-first episode overall.

Guest Stars: Pat Crowley (Amanda Stover), Barry Kelley (Gerald J. Harkness), Connie Hines (Cynthy Harkness), Gage Clarke (Mr. Blythe), Victor Sen Yung (Mr. Fong), Joe Mell (Telegrapher), Gil Lamb (Cigar Man), John Holland (Junius Winters), Patricia George (Pretty Girl), Harry Strang (Old Salt)


Plot Overview

Bronco introduces a pretty young girl to a wealthy older man, not knowing that the girl is actually a con artist out to fleece the man of everything she can get.