Bronco/Red Water North

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Red Water North
Airdate September 19, 1959
Written by teleplay
Fenton Earnshaw
Dean Riesner
Alan Le May
Directed by Lee Sholem
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Hero of the Town
2x01 →
Game at the Beacon Club
BroncoSeason One

Red Water North is the twentieth episode of the first season of Bronco, and the twentieth episode overall.

Guest Stars: Dorothy Provine (Gilda Harper), Karl Swenson (Capt. Taylor), Burt Douglas (Rolf), Hugh Sanders (Caleb White), Michael Forest (Jacques Perrault), Sarah Selby (Martha Chandler), Kelly Thordsen (Matt Crane), J. Edward McKinley (Pollard), Ron Hayes (Farber), Olan Soulé (Myron Catlett)


Plot Overview

Bronco is hired to deliver a riverboat to his friend Martha Chandler. He hasn't counted, though, on a ruthless businessman who doesn't want the ship to complete the trip, and a beautiful blonde passenger who has her own agenda.