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Beetlejuice logo.jpg
Premiere September 9, 1989
Finale December 6, 1991
Based on the film "Beetlejuice" by
Michael McDowell and
Larry Wilson
Developed by Tim Burton
Network/Provider ABC (seasons 1–3),
FOX (season 4)
Style 30-minute animated children's comedy
Company Tim Burton Inc.,
Nelvana Limited,
The Geffen Film Company,
Warner Bros. Television
Seasons 4
Episodes 94
Origin USA / Canada

Beetlejuice is an animated children's comedy program. It was based on the Tim Burton film Beetlejuice. The show ran on Saturday mornings for two years, and then ran simultaneously on Saturday mornings on ABC and weekdays on FOX's Fox Kids for its third year.

Rather than pick up where the movie left off, the cartoon series entails the friendship between Beetlejuice (the "Ghost With The Most") and young Lydia Deetz. In the movie, Lydia (played by Winona Ryder) was a depressed, moody goth. She's still a goth in the cartoon but she's also bright, sweet and creative. Lydia can visit the Neitherworld or call upon her macabre companion by saying his name three times (like in the movie), but formally she recites this poem:

Though I know I must be wary
Still I venture someplace scary
Ghostly haunting I turn loose
Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!

Many adventures take place in the Neitherworld, where Lydia is adored by Beetlejuice's stablemates at the Roadhouse, consisting of Ginger the tap-dancing Spider, Jacques LaLean the weight-lifting skeleton, and the Monster Across The Street. As much as they love Lydia, they tolerate to detest Beetlejuice, who comes off as an egotistical prank-playing opportunist. In the second season, Beetlejuice and Lydia create their own car. Doomie is a convertible with a sentient personality and is quite charming until it sees a dog. Then it goes schizo and chases the dog. Other inhabitants include Mayor Maynot, Fuzzo and Scuzzo, and Barry Me-Not (a computer-generated TV huckster).

In the mortal world, Beetlejuice keeps under wraps while dealing with folks such as Miss Shannon (Lydia's teacher), Charles Deetz (Lydia's dad), Delia (her mom), Claire Brewster (her snobby school rival), and Bertha and Prudence (classmates).

The show won an Emmy in 1990 for Outstanding Animated Program (daytime division). The FOX episodes in 1991 were spread out through the season. First run episodes ran to the end of November (with replays sproadically starting in October), then they were replayed to February 1992 sweeps, when new episodes irregularly. The last batch of four first-run episodes aired the first week of May 1992, with the finale, "The Chromazone" (a Twilight Zone homage) airing May 7.

Beetlejuice was produced by Tim Burton Inc., Nelvana Limited and The Geffen Film Company in association with Warner Bros. Television, which also distributes the series.



Actor Character Duration
Main Cast 1 2 3 4
Stephen Ouimette Beetlejuice * * * *
Alyson Court Lydia Deetz * * * *
Tara Charendoff Claire Brewster * * * *
Bertha * * * *
Paulina Gillis Prudence * * * *
Ginger the Tap-Dancing Spider * * * *
Roger Dunn Charles Deetz * * * *
Elizabeth Hanna Delia Deetz * * * *
Miss Shannon * * * *
Charles Kerr Jacques LaLean * * * *
Len Carlson Monster Across The Street * * * *
Mayor Maynot * *
Susan Roman Poopsie * * * *
Joseph Sherman Scuzzo the Clown * *


Season  Premiere Finale #
Season One September 9, 1989 December 2, 1989 13
Season Two September 8, 1990 October 27, 1990 8
Season Three September 7, 1991 October 26, 1991 8
FOX (Fox Kids)
Season Four September 9, 1991 May 7, 1992 65


DVD Releases

Title Release Date #
Complete Series
Beetlejuice: The Complete Series May 28, 2013 12


Season Sets
Season One May 28, 2013 2


Seasons Two & Three March 18, 2014 2


Episode(s) as Special Features
Beetlejuice: 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition September 16, 2008 1


Beetlejuice: 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition (Blu-ray) OCtober 7, 2008 1


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