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Arrow follows former playboy millionaire Oliver Queen, as he returns home after his suspected death five years earlier. Now he begins fighting injustice on the streets of Starling City (renamed Star City as of Season Four) as the masked vigilante The Arrow. The show centers on both his crime fighting life and his personal life, and it mainly features his closest associates ("Team Arrow") and other allies, as well as the criminal elements and lethal villains he faces off with.

This article lists every character to have appeared in at least two episodes, as well as every main character relative to have appeared on the show. Characters shaded in red are indicated as deceased.

The list is updated and complete as of "Green Arrow", the 70th episode, and Season Four premiere.


The main characters and their families

Oliver Queen's family

Character Actor # Relation
Oliver Queen / Green Arrow Stephen Amell 701
Thea Queen / Red Arrow Willa Holland 66 Sister
Moira Queen Susanna Thompson 38 Mother
Walter Steele Colin Salmon 14 Stepfather
Robert Queen Jamey Sheridan 4 Father

1 Including one episode where Oliver also appears as a child, played by Jacob Hoppenbrouwer.

Laurel Lance's family

Character Actor # Relation
Laurel Lance / Black Canary Katie Cassidy 66
Quentin Lance Paul Blackthorne 58 Father
Sara Lance / The Canary Caity Lotz 271 Sister
Dinah Lance Alex Kingston 6 Mother

1 Including one episode where Sara is played by Jacqueline MacInnes Wood.

Malcolm Merlyn's family

Character Actor # Relation
Malcolm Merlyn / The Magician John Barrowman 34
Tommy Merlyn Colin Donnell 241 Son
Rebecca Merlyn Laura Adkin 1 Wife

1 Including one episode where Tommy only appears as a child, played by Arien Boey.

John Diggle's family

Character Actor # Relation
John Diggle David Ramsey 70
Lyla Michaels Audrey Marie Anderson 14 Wife
Sara Diggle uncredited 7 Daughter
Carly Diggle Christie Laing 6 Sister-in-law
Andy Diggle Eugene Byrd 1 Brother
Andy "AJ" Diggle, Jr. Julius Fair 1 Nephew

Felicity Smoak's family

Character Actor # Relation
Felicity Smoak Emily Bett Rickards 63
Donna Smoak Charlotte Ross 2 Mother

Roy Harper's family

Character Actor # Relation
Roy Harper / Arsenal Colton Haynes 45

Slade Wilson's family

Character Actor # Relation
Slade Wilson / Deathstroke Manu Bennett 31

Recurring criminals and antagonists

The List

During the first season, Oliver primarily went head-to-head with ruthless businessmen and other criminals whose names appeared on the list he had recieved from his dad.

Character Actor #
Frank Chen Chin Han 4
Frank Bertinelli Jeffrey Nordling 3
Ted Gaynor Ben Browder 2
Adam Hunt Brian Markinson 2

The Church of Blood

During the second season, the main antagonists were the members of the Church of Blood, secretly acting out the plans of Slade Wilson.

Character Actor #
Sebastian Blood / Brother Blood Kevin Alejandro 12
Isabel Rochev / Ravager Summer Glau 9
Officer Daily Jesse Hutch 6
Cyrus Gold / The Acolyte Graham Shiels 3
Clinton Hogue Roark Critchlow 2
Baker Douglas Chapman 21
Ripped Garfield Wilson 2
The Technician Danny Dworkis 2

1 Additionally, actor Douglas Chapman also appeared as an unrelated, unnamed, soldier in one episode.

The League of Assassins

During the third season, Oliver finds himself at odds with the deadly League of Assassins, as led by the legendary Ra's al Ghul.

Character Actor #
Maseo Yamashiro / Sarab Karl Yune 19
Nyssa al Ghul Katrina Law 121
Ra's al Ghul Matthew Nable 10
Chase Austin Butler 3
The Priestess Françoise Yip 2

1 Including one episode where Nyssa only appears as a child, played by Taylor Dianne Robinson.

The Suicide Squad

Officially named Task Force X, the Suicide Squad is a secret band of incarcerated criminals, who are given the chance to participate in high-risk missions for A.R.G.U.S., in exchange for reduced jail sentences.

Character Actor #
Floyd Lawton / Deadshot Michael Rowe 7
Carrie Cutter / Cupid Amy Gumenick 3
Ben Turner / Bronze Tiger Michael Jai White 31
Digger Harkness / Captain Boomerang Nick E. Tarabay 2
Mark Scheffer / Shrapnel Sean Maher 2

1 The death of Ben Turner was not shown on the TV series, but instead told in the digital comics realeased as a companion to the series, entitled "Arrow: Season 2.5".

The Solntsevskaya Bratva

The Solntsevskaya Bratva is a powerful Russian mafia organization in which Oliver became a Captain, during the years he was believed dead.

Character Actor #
Anatoly Knyazev David Nykl 9
Alexi Leonov Eugene Lipinski 3
The Mechanic Barry Nerling 2

The Triad

The Triad is a Chinese mafia organization.

Character Actor #
Chien Na Wei / China White Kelly Hu 9
Zhishan David H. Lyle 2

Assorted villains

Character Actor #
Helena Bertinelli / The Huntress Jessica De Gouw 4
Danny Brickwell / Brick Vinnie Jones 3
Count Vertigo (I) Seth Gabel 3
Barton Mathis / The Dollmaker Michael Eklund 2
Isaac Stanzler Nathan Mitchell 2
Werner Zytle / Count Vertigo (II) Peter Stormare 2

Recurring Arrow allies

From The Flash

Main characters of spin-off series The Flash.

Character Actor #
Barry Allen / The Flash Grant Gustin 6
Cisco Ramon Carlos Valdes 3
Caitlin Snow Danielle Panabaker 2


The Advanced Research Group United Support is a top secret division withing the US government, tasked with bringing down the world's most dangerous criminals.

Character Actor #
Amanda Waller Cynthia Addai-Robinson 15
Unnamed tech Allison Riley 2

Assorted allies

Character Actor #
Ray Palmer / The Atom Brandon Routh 16
Tatsu Yamashiro / Katana Rila Fukushima 14
Cindy / Sin Bex Taylor-Klaus 8
Ted Grant / Wildcat J.R. Ramirez 4

Additional Star City citizens

Star City Police

Character Actor #
Lucas Hilton Roger R. Cross 12
Frank Pike Adrian Holmes 8
Kelton Lee Vincent 7
McKenna Hall Janina Gavankar 4
Officer Lopez Alison Araya 3
Unnamed officer Jennifer Cheon 5
Unnamed officer Bombyx Du Murier 3
Unnamed officer Thomas Cadrot 2


Character Actor #
Joanna de la Vega Annie Ilonzeh 8
Adam Donner Dylan Bruce 8
Jean Loring Teryl Rothery 4
Kate Spencer Chelah Horsdal 4
Judge Mandlebaum David Franco 2
Judge Moss Lesley Ewen 2
Unnamed court clerk Robert Wolfgang Weiss 2
Unnamed court clerk Chantele Francis 2


Character Actor #
Celia Castle Christina Cox 3
Mark Francis Nicholas Lea 3

Medical practice

Character Actor #
Dr. Lockhart Richard Keats 7
Nurse Downey Janet Glassford 2
Neil Lamb Hiro Kanagawa 2
Unnamed nurse Evans Johnson 2

News media

Character Actor #
Bethany Snow Keri Adams 18
Unnamed reporter Marrett Green 16
Unnamed reporter Mi-Jung Lee 3
Unnamed TV host Jacqueline Samuda 3
Unnamed debater Ken Lawson 2
Unnamed reporter David Quinlan 2

Assorted characters

Character Actor #
Ned Foster Michael Daingerfield 3
Morgan Valerie Tian 3
Maya Resik Ana Mercedes 2
Blake Melissa Roxburgh 2
Fence Stefan Arngrim 2
Unnamed grizzled man Bill Croft 3
Unnamed Queen servant Rebecca Shoichet 2

Flashback exclusive characters

In addition to the show's main storylines, Oliver's life during his five years as presumed dead is shown in flashbacks. While some of the acquaintances made during this period returns to his life after his comeback to Starling City/Star City, others do not, and thus appear as flashback exclusive characters.

On Lian Yu

Introduced in Season One.

Character Actor #
Shado Celina Jade 18
Yao Fei Byron Mann 10
Edward Fyers Sebastian Dunn 9
Billy Wintergreen Jeffrey Robinson 41
Alan Durand Jarod Joseph 3

1 Additionally, actor Jeffrey Robinson also appeared as an unrelated, unnamed, soldier in one episode.

Aboard The Amazo

Introduced in Season Two.

Character Actor #
Anthony Ivo Dylan Neal 10
The Butcher Richard Selmour 4
Hendrik Von Arnim Artine Brown 3
Peter Sean Rogerson 3
The Captain Jimmy Jean-Louis 2

In Hong Kong

Introduced in Season Three.

Character Actor #
Akio Yamashiro Brandon Nomura 13
Matthew Shrieve Marc Singer 5
Liling Grace Fatkin 2
Mei Celina Jade 2

Actors appearing as multiple minor characters

Additionally, several actors, mostly stunt performers, have been credited for multiple, non recurring roles: