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Justine Cooper
Justine Cooper
Actor Laurel Holloman
First Appearance 3x10 - Dad
Last Appearance 4x01 - Deep Down
Series Billing 3x10 to 4x01: Recurring
Episode Count 8
Notable Episodes 3x16 - Sleep Tight
3x22 - Tomorrow
4x01 - Deep Down

Justine Cooper was the first person recruited into Holtz's army and also acted as his right-hand man. She appeared in eight episodes throughout the last half of the third season, up until the first episode of the fourth. She was played by Laurel Holloman.


Basic Information

Justine Cooper became a vampire hunter after the death of her twin sister Julia at the hands of vampires. Based on this, Holtz confronted her out so that he could add her to his increasing army of warriors to fight Angel with. She reluctantly decided to join him and was trained for fighting by Holtz and, despite the occasional knife put through her hand for disobedience; she remained with him while he recruited more "warriors."

As the lieutenant to Holtz's captain, Justine was in charge of training the new recruits using vampires that she captured and chained to a wall in their headquarters. She was also instrumental in Holtz's attempts to turn Wesley against his friends by knowledge of the prophecy that said "the father will kill the son." Eventually, she wore him down enough so that he would kidnap Connor, Angel's child, to protect them both. While on his escape, Justine approached him, bruised and battered, and claimed that Holtz turned on her, just as Wesley said he would. But, when Wesley was close enough, Justine slit his throat and took the baby from him.

Although she and Holtz had planned to escape to Utah where they would raise Connor as their own, they were stopped by Angel, Wolfram & Hart and Sahjhan, the demon who brought Holtz into the 20th century. While in a Mexican stand-off, the demon cut a hole in reality to create a passage to a hell dimension knowns as Quor-Toth. Holtz opted to leap into the portal with Connor, leaving Justine alone.

Several days later, Connor reappeared, fully grown, along with Holtz, who was an old man at this point in time. In his last wish, he asked Justine to kill him with an ice pick, so that the puncture wounds would make Connor believe that Angelus has attacked and killed him. Connor fell for this ruse, allowing Justine to manipulate him into a plan to do away with Angel once and for all. After a fight on the beach, Connor knocked out Angel and, with Justine's help, welded him into a metal crate. After they secured him, they pushed the crate into the ocean to let him rot at the bottom of the sea.

Three months later, Justine resurfaced as Wesley's prisoner. Over the unaired three months, Justine had been helping him, against her will, to find where they sank Angel. After they found him and verified that he was still himself, Wesley left Justine handcuffed to a rail with the option of either becoming free or remaining a slave. He tossed her the key to the cuffs and she was never seen again in the series.

Episode Appearances

Justine appeared in 8 episodes of Angel:

  1. 3x10 - Dad
  2. 3x12 - Provider
  3. 3x15 - Loyalty
  4. 3x16 - Sleep Tight
  5. 3x17 - Forgiving
  6. 3x21 - Benediction
  7. 3x22 - Tomorrow
  8. 4x01 - Deep Down

Character History

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