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Season 3, Episode 10
Airdate December 10, 2001
Production Number 3ADH10
Written by David H. Goodman
Directed by Fred Keller
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AngelSeason Three

Dad is the tenth episode of the third season of Angel, and the fifty-fourth episode overall. Angel grapples with his new role as a father while the rest of the team attempt to fend off demons and extortionists who see profit in the prophecy child.

Starring: David Boreanaz (Angel), Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia Chase), Alexis Denisof (Wesley Wyndam-Pryce), J. August Richards (Charles Gunn), Amy Acker (Winifred "Fred" Burkle)

Guest Starring: John Rubinstein (Linwood Murrow), Andy Hallett (Lorne), Stephanie Romanov (Lilah Morgan), Daniel Dae Kim (Gavin Park), Jack Conley (Sahjhan), Laurel Holloman (Justine Cooper)

and Keith Szarabajka (Daniel Holtz)

Co-Starring: Kira Tirimacco (Doctor), Stephanie Courtney (Gwen)

Uncredited: Patricia Tallman (Julia Cooper) (photo only)


Plot Overview

Now born, Angel’s son faces several groups and people who are coming after him. Holtz, meanwhile, abandons Sahjhan’s simple plot for a more meaningful plan for Angel’s demise and begins to look for recruits.


Monster of the Week

  • Lilliad Demons: The Lilliad are a race of demons with extremely powerful magical abilities, but their range of abilities is limited by the lunar cycle. They were powerful enough in this episode to dispel a force field put up by the furies.

Body Count

# Whom By Whom How Where
1 Demon Gunn Stabbed The Hyperion
2/3/4 Grapplars Holtz Poisoned Holtz's Tomb
5 Grapplar Holtz Stabbed Holtz's Tomb
6 Vampire Holtz Staked Cemetary
7/8 Vampire Wesley Immolated with Flamethrower The Hyperion
9 Biker Wesley Immolated with Flamethrower The Hyperion
10/11 Demon Wesley Immolated with Flamethrower The Hyperion
12+ Angel's Persuers Angel Blown Up Mine Shaft


Music is listed in order of appearance in the episode:

  • Smokey Robinson & the Miracles - "Ooo Baby Baby"

Arc Advancement


  • Wolfram & Hart: Angel bursts into Wolfram & Hart and makes Linwood promise that no harm will come to his son. Meanwhile, the firm has found out who Holtz is but not what he's up to.
  • Angel's Kid: Angel names his son Connor at the hospital, where they find that he's perfectly healthy.


  • Lorne: Now that Caritas has been destroyed for a second time (third if you count the car causing damage in the second season finale), Lorne takes up residence at the Hyperion.
  • Holtz: Unsatisfied with the quality of labor he gets with mercenary demons, Holtz goes off in search of "warriors." He finds one such warrior in a woman who lost her twin sister to a vampire attack.


  • 1x09 - Hero: One of the threats listed on the whiteboard is The Scourge, a race of Nazi-like demons who attempted to kill a group of demon refugees in the first season of the series. In the episode, Angel's first connection to the powers sacrificed his own life to save them.
  • 3x04 - Carpe Noctem: When Angel swapped bodies with an elderly man in a retirement home, the fake Angel nearly had sex with Lilah on Wesley's desk.
Wesley: And seeing as you once nearly had sex on my desk I shouldn't be surprised that now there is a baby on it.


The Show

  • First Appearance: This episode marks the first appearance of Justine Cooper, played by Laurel Holloman.

Behind the Scenes

  • Ratings: On its first airing, this episode scored a 3.8/5 in the overnight Nielsen ratings. It was ranked 8th out of the 18 WB shows which aired that week.

Allusions and References

  • Smokey Robinson and the Miracles: Smokey Robinson was a R&B and soul singer who gained popularity with his group, The Miracles, as well as with his solo career. His music in the 1960s helped define and popularize the Motown sound with songs like "Shop Around". Robinson was also a successful songwriter who wrote hit songs like "My Girl" and "Get Ready".
Lorne: He doesn't like Smokey Robinson and the Miracles? I thought you said this kid had a soul.
  • Karate Kid: The Karate Kid was a series of movies in the 1980s featuring Pat Morita as Mr. Miyagi, a karate instructor who, in the first film, taught Ralph Macchio how to defend himself. The series of movies spawned a cult following as well as an Academy Award nomination for Morita.
Justine: What are we talking about. Some kind of Karate Kid Mr. Miyagi groove thing? Wax on, wax off.
  • Macbeth: In Shakespeare's Macbeth, Macbeth learns that no harm will come to him by any man born from a woman. However, he eventually met his demise when he was killed by MacDuff. This occurred because MacDuff was born by C-section and not by traditional means. Lilah compares Macbeth's situation to Angel's child because of the loophole in the prophecy.
Lilah: MacDuff was from his mother's womb untimely ripped.
  • Rio Bravo: Rio Bravo is a John Wayne western released in 1959. The movie acted as a right-wing counterpart to the more liberal High Noon, which was an allegory against Hollywood blacklisting. In the movie, Wayne arrests a murderer, but eventually is forced to defend his town against a small army of people who attempt to break the man out of prison, along side Dean Martin and Walter Brennan.
Wesley: Trying to imagine myself as John Wayne in Rio Bravo.
  • Assault on Precinct 13: The John Carpenter movie Assault on Precinct 13 is, in many ways, a homage to Rio Bravo. In the movie, a man avenges the deaths of a young girl and an ice cream vendor by shooting the gang member who murdered them. He retreats to a nearly abandoned police precinct where the police are forced to defend themselves from waves of gang members looking to kill the man.
Gunn: Austin Stoker, Assault on Precinct Thirteen.

Memorable Moments


  • When Linwood is reviewing the tape of Lorne sneaking the note into Angel's pocket, the footage doesn't match to we saw when it happened. Not only does Lorne slip it in at a different point while talking, but the way in which he's putting it is also different.


  • Wesley: Not to mention some bastard’s blown a gaping hole in the lift.
Angel: Sorry. My bastard.
  • Cordelia: (to Angel) You don't have a woman's touch - whatever your taste in clothing may indicate.
  • Wesley: Of course. And seeing as you once nearly had sex on my desk I shouldn't be surprised that now there’s a baby on it.
Angel: Hey! First of all that wasn't me, that was some guy who switched bodies with me. And second of all, can we just keep the S-E-X talk away from the baby?
  • Wesley: Did you know these nappies are lined with a space-age material originally designed for NASA astronauts? That’s interesting. Though now I'm picturing grown men wearing nappies and I'm rather disturbed.
  • Fred: So, the baby's safe? We're all safe. Right, Lorne? I-I mean unless one of those killers decides to throw in a firebomb in at us like they did at your club, which had a similar safety spell around it as I recall. Sorry.
  • Cordelia: Are you gonna circumcise?
(the baby cries)
Gunn: I think he heard you.
  • Linwood: I like kids. The Senior Partners took mine before I really got to know them.
  • Lorne: He doesn't like Smokey Robinson and the Miracles? I thought you said this kid had a soul.
  • Cordelia: We're going outside, where your son's gonna wanna go play, where you'll have to rush him to the hospital if he gets sick in the daytime. But I see your point. You can't go outside in the day like other parents because you're a vampire. And even if you weren't, you can't do everything for him.
Angel: (puts his hand into the sun and it starts to burn) If he has to get to the hospital at noon on the sunniest day of the year, he'll get there, even if I don't.
  • Cordelia: (to Angel) So you're just gonna leave? Run away?
Gunn: Why not? It's what he's good at. Sure you don't wanna fire us first? A little icing on the cake while you leave us here to do the fighting?
  • Gunn: What are you doing?
Wesley: Trying to imagine myself as John Wayne in Rio Bravo. You?
Gunn: Austin Stoker, Assault on Precinct 13.
(both high five)
Cordelia: If we live through this, trade in the DVD players and get a life.
  • Angel: We'll get through this, I promise. A vampire demon biker posse, that's the easy part. The part that scares me is all the questions. You know, why is the sky blue? Why do people get sick? Why is there always pig’s blood in the fridge? I don't have all the answers. Well, I do to that last one.