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Inside Out
Inside Out
Season 4, Episode 17
Airdate April 2, 2003
Production Number 4ADH17
Written by Steven S. DeKnight
Directed by Steven S. DeKnight
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AngelSeason Four

Inside Out is the seventeenth episode of the fourth season of Angel, and the eighty-third episode overall. While Cordelia attempts to have Connor kill a virgin to protect their child's birth, Angel gets to the bottom of why Cordelia is evil now.

Starring: David Boreanaz (Angel), Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia Chase), J. August Richards (Charles Gunn), Amy Acker (Winifred "Fred" Burkle), Vincent Kartheiser (Connor), Andy Hallett (Lorne)

and Alexis Denisof (Wesley Wyndam-Pryce)

Guest Starring: Gina Torres (The Woman), David Denman (Skip), Stephi Lineburg (Girl)

Special Guest Star: Julie Benz (Darla)


Plot Overview

Angel Investigations discovers that Cordelia is the "master" evil that controlled the beast. However, Connor helps her escape. Cordelia tells Connor that they need to use magic to speed up her pregnancy because Angel is coming after them. So he kidnaps a virgin to use as a sacrifice.

Meanwhile Angel visits Skip, who was Cordelia's guide in becoming a higher being. He deducts that Skip was involved the entire time. They fight and Angel brings Skip back to his dimension. They trap him inside a circle using magic and force him to tell them what is going on. Skip tells them that the being really is Cordelia, but that a demon is using her body to give birth to themselves.

Connor is visited by his mother, Darla, who tells him not to do what they are planning. He believes her at first, until Cordelia tells him that it is really a trick by Angel. They sacrifice the girl and Cordelia gives birth just as Angel is arriving.


Monster of the Week

There is no monster of the week in this episode.

Body Count

# Whom By Whom How Where
1 Vampire Connor Staked Alley
2 Girl Cordelia Throat Cut Warehouse
3 Skip Wesley Shot Hyperion


There is no licensed music in this episode.

Arc Advancement


  • Big(ger) Bad: It turns out that everything that's happened over the past four seasons (and maybe into the prefacing Buffy the Vampire Slayer seasons) was orchestrated by the unnamed evil being born by Cordelia. That being is born in this episode



  • 4x09 - Long Day's Journey: Manny, the remaining member of the Ra-tet, was put under the protection of Angel, Gwen, Gunn and Cordelia. However, Angel's blood was spiked shortly before his shift began, allowing the killer to sneak into the panic room and chop Manny into pieces with an axe.
Angel: Spiked my blood at Gwen's, snuck into the vault and killed Manny.
  • 4x11 - Soulless: Angel's soul turned up missing, despite having hidden the jar containing it in a safe in the office. It turned out that Cordelia stole the jar and hid it in her room. Also in this episode, the Svea Priestesses were slaughtered (allegedly by the Beast, but more likely by Cordelia). They held the biggest hope of banishing the Beast.
Angel: While everyone was reeling from that failure, it was making sure my soul was off the market.
Angel: Taking out the Svea Priestesses was a lot easier.
  • 4x12 - Calvary: Cordelia convinced the others that she had found a way to return Angel's soul to him and do away with Angelus. They performed a ceremony which appeared to work at first, but later turned out to be a ruse. Instead of re-ensouling Angel, Cordelia actually put the kibosh on Lorne's emphatic powers so that Angelus could masquerade as Angel.
Lorne: Queen Beeyatch put the whammy on me.
  • BtVS - 6x01/02 - Bargaining: Willow and the others brought Buffy back to life after she had sacrificed herself to save the world. It was heavily hinted at that Buffy had ascended to a higher dimension that very much resembled heaven, rather than the hell dimension that Willow had thought she was trapped in.
Skip: Nobody comes back from paradise. (beat) ...Okay, a Slayer once.
  • 3x06 - Billy: Wolfram & Hart forced Angel to rescue Billy Blim, a congressman's nephew, from a fiery jail cell where he was doomed to burn for an eternity. Little did Angel know that he was allowed to rescue Billy from the flames by Skip as part of a grand master plan.
Skip: You know, the worst part about signing on for this gig was having to take a dive when you rescued that runt Billy from his box of fire.


The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

  • Spider-Sense: One of Spider-Man's super powers is an enhanced danger sense that allows him to know when trouble will occur before it happens. Spider-Man often uses this sense in combination with his agility to dodge punches and, occasionally, bullets. Incidentally, one of the only dangerous things that flies under the radar of Spider-Man's sense is Venom, a symbiote that he once was attached to.
Cordelia: I get away with bringing the world down around you and two eensy words tingle your spider sense?
  • Lizzie Borden: In 1892, Andrew Borden and his wife Abby Grey were slain by someone with an axe in their home. The two were found by Lizzie, daughter of Andrew and step-daughter of Abby, who was immediately called into question as the likely killer. During her trial, there was testimony that no blood was found on her after the murders. This statement led to the belief that she had either burned the dress that she killed the two in or she stripped down and killed them without any clothes on. Borden was eventually acquitted of the crime.
Wesley: Lizzie Borden. It wasn't wearing any.
  • Legion of Doom: In Challenge of the Superfriends, the Legion of Doom is a large supervillain organization headed up by Lex Luthor. The villains often worked together to take over the world or make themselves wealthier, but were always stopped by Superfriends heroes like Superman and Batman.
Gunn: It could be when you're duking it out with the legion of doom or just crossing the street deciding where to have brunch.

Memorable Moments


  • Angel: Because you are so clever.
Cordelia: On a scale of you and me? Pretty damn.
  • Angel: We don't know if it's really Cordy.
Fred: Or what she's got baking in her oven.
Gunn: Evil and pregnant? I'm guessin' it's ain't cookies.
  • Angel: Wes, Lilah and I weren't exactly friends.
Wesley: You were mortal enemies. Why should you care what happened to her?
Angel: Because you did.
  • Angel: If I'm not back in a couple of hours...
Gunn: You're dead, we're screwed. End of the world.
Fred: Or you can stay here. Here's nice.
  • Skip: It's going to be really hard for you to accept, but Cordelia has ascended to a higher plane.
Angel: Oh, I know. She's back.
Skip: Back?
Angel: Or at least something that looks like her.
Skip: Whoa, wait. Nobody comes back from paradise. Okay, a Slayer once, but that--
  • Angel: Tell me what happened to Cordelia.
Skip: Or you'll what? You'll bleed on me some more?
  • Wesley: You're saying her ascension was all part of this thing's plan?
Skip: No. Cordelia was chosen to become a higher being because she's such a pure, radiant saint. Puh-lease!
  • Skip: Okay, you got me. It doesn't even have a name.
Gunn: Then what do you call it?
Skip: You know, Master or... (nods) "Hey."
  • Angel: How do we stop it?
Skip: Well, that's the easy part, slick. All you gotta do is find Cordelia and chop her head off.
Angel: Has to be another way.
Skip: Sure. Stab her in the heart, kidney, couple pokes in the lung...
  • Wesley: What do you wanna do?
Skip: The only thing he can do. Kill the woman he loves to save the world. Times like this, really gotta suck being you.
  • Fred: Will it make a difference if we really are just pieces being moved around a board?
Gunn: Then we'll kick it over and start a new game. Look, monochrome can yap all he wants about no-name's cosmic plan, but here's a little something I picked up rubbing mojos these past couple of years. The final score can't be rigged. I don't care how many players you grease. That last shot always comes up a question mark. But here's the thing - you never know when you're taking it. It could be when you're duking it out with the Legion of Doom or just crossing the street, deciding where to brunch. So you just treat it all like it was up to you. The world on the balance. Because you never know when it is.
Fred: You been practising that?
Gunn: A little bit.
  • Cordelia: "Anointed"? Who's been filling your head with big confusing words?


  • Overall Grade: D+, 2 reviews
  • Review Breakdown: A+: 0 A: 0 A-: 0 B+: 0 B: 0 B-: 0 C+: 0 C: 0 C-: 1 D: 1 F: 0
  • Man, I truely hate the season 4 storyline and this episode is a perfect encapsulation of all of that. I want to pretend like the tail end of season 3 and all of season 4 just never happens. Because with Connor coming back as an adult, of Cordelia having sex with him, getting pregnant by him, and then turning evil.... it was truely an ugly season. This episode represents that as we get to (grossly) see Cordelia manipulate Connor into doing things he know are wrong. And we have to watch one of the funnest minor characters, Skip, turn evil. Just a memory I wish would go away. --MateoP 19:59, 12 June 2006 (EDT)
  • This episode felt like the end of a high school presentation. You're given 10 minutes to give your speech, but before you get three quarters of the way into your spiel, the teacher holds up the "2 minutes left" signal. So, you instinctively kick into overdrive and attempt to cram as much conclusion as possible into the bit of time you have left. This episode was so heavy on exposition and connecting plot threads that it makes your head spin. Then, to top it off, the grossly unconvincing mischaracterization of Connor, Cordelia and Skip turn this episode into one of the kings of the Angel hall of shame. D --IndieRockLance 05:48, 2 August 2006 (EDT)