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Bachelor Party
Bachelor Party
Season 1, Episode 7
Airdate November 16, 1999
Production Number 1ADH07
Written by Tracey Stern
Directed by David Straiton
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AngelSeason One

Bachelor Party is the seventh episode of the first season of Angel. When Doyle's ex-wife comes back into the picture, her fiancé asks Doyle to come to his bachelor party in order to have him bless the marriage. What Doyle doesn't know is that the blessing will kill him.

Starring: David Boreanaz (Angel), Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia Chase), Glenn Quinn (Allen Francis Doyle)

Guest Starring: Kristin Dattilo (Harry), Carlos Jacott (Richard Howard Straley)

Co-Stars: Ted Kairys (Ben), Chris Tallman (Nick), Brad Blaisdell (Uncle John), Robert Hillis (Pierce), Lauri Johnson (Aunt Martha), Kristen Lowman (Mother Rachel), David Polcyn (Russ)


Plot Overview

Doyle’s wife shows up to have him sign divorce papers so she can remarry. Still burdened by the fact that she left him after discovering he was half demon, Doyle finds out that her fiance Richard is himself a demon. Invited to the bachelor party, Doyle discovers he must give his blessing before the two can be married.


Monster of the Week

  • Richard Howard Straley: Richard is an ano-movic demon whose family has fully assimilated into human society. Ano-movic demons were a tribe of nomads who once had violent tendencies. They later gave up their violence and native language (Aratuscan) to start several high-class restaurants. Despite this, they haven't given up the "ritualistic eating of the first husband's brains" when a member of their clan marries a woman who had a previous marriage.

Body Count

# Whom By Whom How Where
1 Vampire Angel Staked Vampire Den
2 Vampire Doyle Staked Angel Investigations


Songs are listed in order of appearance in the episode.

  • Diana Terranova - "Come On 2000"
  • Paul Trudeau - "Don't Do It"

The following scenes have music that is unidentified:

  • Doyle and Angel break up a vampire den.
  • At the bachelor party when Doyle and Angel first walk in.

Arc Advancement


  • Crossover: Doyle's vision sends Angel back to Sunnydale for "Pangs".


  • Doyle: Doyle's wife appears in this episode. He and Harriet got married four years prior to this episode, but split apart when his demon side manifested at 21 and he couldn't accept it. She comes back into his life to file for divorce. Some other details about Doyle's life are revealed in this episode as well, including his full name (Allen Francis Doyle), that he was a third grade teacher and that he once volunteered at a food bank.


Cordelia: I swore when I went that road with Xander Harris, I'd rather be dead then date a fixer-upper again.
  • BtVS - 3x18 - Earshot: Cordelia's philosophy is likely a reference to an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in which Buffy could hear the thoughts of others. In most cases, what people thought was contrary to what they said. The exception was Cordelia, who said exactly what she thought.
Cordelia: I think it, I say it. It's my way.


The Show

  • Crossover: The ending of this episode sets the stage a Buffy/Angel crossover. The vision alludes to events that happen in "Pangs" and complete in the next episode.

Behind the Scenes

  • Ratings: On its first airing, this episode scored a 4.8/7 in the overnight Nielsen ratings. It was ranked 4th out of the 15 WB shows which aired that week.

Allusions and References

  • Ostrich Farms: During the late 1980s in America, health consciousness became immensely popular. The demand for leaner cuts of meat caused many to invest in ostrich farms, hoping that ostrich meat would catch on. It didn't and many of these people lost a great deal of money.
Doyle: Yeah, well, maybe I should get my people to look over these, before I go ahead. Make sure I'm not buying an ostrich farm.

Memorable Moments


  • Cordelia: All I could think about was if this wimp saw a monster he'd probably throw a shoe at it and run like a weasel. Turns out the shoe part was giving him too much credit.
  • Cordelia: (to Angel and Doyle) All of a sudden, rich and handsome isn't enough for me. Now I expect a guy to be all brave, and interesting — and it's your fault! Both of you.
  • Cordelia: You know, the first thing he asked? "Are you okay?" I mean, that's like... substance, right?
Angel: Well, there's definitely more to Doyle than meets the eye.
Cordelia: So I've got to kill myself. I swore when I went down this road with Xander Harris, I'd rather be dead than date a fixer-upper again.
  • Cordelia: Doyle taught third grade? The kind with children?
Harrie: Well, yeah.
Cordelia: Are you sure he wasn't just held back and used that as a cover story?
  • Richard: You're not trying to back out, are you? Not after you gave your blessing.
Doyle: Yeah, yeah. I take it back!
Richard: Oh. Well. I see. Now I'm not so sure I even wanna eat your brains.
  • Richard: (to Doyle) He's right. That was rude. I'd be honoured to eat your brains.
  • Cordelia: Well, you shouldn't be trying to eat my friends brain, you horrible, ugly demon people!
  • Cordelia: Nice guys don't always finish last.
Doyle: You think I'm a nice guy?
Cordelia: I think it, I say it. It's my way.
  • Cordelia: Hi, Doyle. Are you going to become loser-pining guy, like, full-time now? Because you know, we already have one of those around the office.
Angel: Hey!