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Afemo Omilami

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Afemo Omilami
Born December 13, 1950 in Petersburg, Virginia, USA
Notable Roles
Notable Episodes



Guest Starring Roles

Series Role Episode Airdate
Miami Vice Desmond Maxwell 1x04 - Cool Runnin' October 5, 1984
In the Heat of the Night Jimmy Dawes 2x07 - Gunshots January 3, 1989
In the Heat of the Night Jimmy Dawes 2x15 - The Creek March 14, 1989
In the Heat of the Night Jimmy Dawes 3x20 - Night of the Killing March 27, 1990
Law & Order Michael Kano 3x10 - Consultation December 9, 1992
In the Heat of the Night Jimmy Dawes 6x17 - The Leftover Man (2) March 3, 1993
In the Heat of the Night Detective Walker Harris 7x09 - Every Man's Family November 10, 1993
Law & Order Henry Patterson 6x14 - Custody February 21, 1996
Law & Order Darryl Lamaine 9x12 - Haven February 10, 1999
Dawson's Creek Clifton Smalls 5x18 - Cigarette Burns April 10, 2002
Dawson's Creek Clifton Smalls 5x23 - Swan Song May 15, 2002
The Shield Agent Nell 3x05 - Mum April 6, 2004
Ghost Whisperer Archivist 3x01 - The Underneath September 28, 2007
Ghost Whisperer Archivist 3x02 - Don't Try This at Home October 5, 2007
Ghost Whisperer Archivist 3x17 - Stranglehold May 9, 2008

Awards and Accolades

NAACP Image Awards

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