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Hass Cell
Cell Leader Hass
averted / succeeded
Assassinate David Palmer (5x01)
Frame Jack Bauer for Palmer's murder (5x01)
Assassinate Michelle Dessler (5x01)
Assassinate Tony Almeida (5x01)
Assassinate Chloe O'Brian (5x01)
Cell Kills 2
Estimated Size 4
Known Cell Members Hass
Cell Status Hass: Killed
Others: Killed

The Hass Cell is a subset of Nathonson's cell. Its primary objective was to assassinate David Palmer, and the secondary assassinations were attempts to make Jack Bauer the primary focus of CTU's investigations.


The first objective was to assassinate David Palmer while he was in his brother Wayne's penthouse apartment. They planted a fake security tape showing Jack Bauer in the building shortly before the assassination. The method used to fake it is unknown at this time.

A car bomb was planted in Michelle Dessler's vehicle in the hopes of taking out both her and Tony Almeida at once.

Chloe O'Brian was likely the target of another car bomb.


The assassination of David Palmer by Hass, and the subsequent planting of the tape showing Jack Bauer at the scene went off flawlessly. The car bomb in Michelle Dessler's car went off without Tony in the car. Michelle was killed and Tony badly injured. When Chloe learned of the car bomb that killed Michelle, she decided not to use her car. Hass's men pursued her, but she lost them.

Chloe called Jack, who arranged a meeting at an abandoned oil refinery. Hass's men somehow followed Chloe, but Jack killed them all. Chloe mortally wounded Hass, and Jack interrogated him. Once Jack learned what Hass knew and that he was the one who killed Palmer, Jack executed him.


  • Though it's hard to tell on-screen, there were four people who attacked Jack and Chloe at the oil refinery. Two of them were killed by Jack when he shot their car up.