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Ira Gaines' Cell
Cell Leader Ira Gaines
averted / succeeded
Retrieve ID from Martin Belkin
Kidnap Kimberly Bauer
Kidnap Teri Bauer
Assassinate David Palmer
Execute Teri and Kim Bauer
Cell Kills 300+
Estimated Size 20-30
Known Cell Members Ira Gaines
Kevin Caroll
Cell Status Bridget (Executed)
Mandy (Escaped)
Dan (Executed)
Johnathan( Unknown, Presumed Escaped)
Eli (Killed)
Ira Gaines (Killed)
Kevin Caroll (Executed)
Rick (Arrested)

The Ira Gaines cell is the cell contracted out by the Drazen Cell, to kidnap Kim and Teri Bauer then use Jack Bauer to get an assassin close to Palmer to kill him.


The Cell's objectives were to steal Martin Belkin's credentials, kidnap Teri and Kim Bauer, and use them as leverage to get Jack Bauer to aid the assassin.


The first objective was accomplished with the help of the mercenary Mandy, and a bomb planted on the plane Martin Belkin was travelling on. Mandy stole Belkin's credentails and escaped from the plane. Someone else wiped the records of Belkin's presence on the plane.

The kidnapping of Kimberly Bauer was accomplished using two local criminals - Rick and Dan who got to Kim through her friend Janet York. Kevin Caroll, pretending to be Janet's father Alan York kidnapped Teri when they went looking for Kim and Janet.

With Teri and Kim, Ira Gaines contacted Jack Bauer and forced him to get a weapon through security at David Palmer's location and assemble it for the assassin. Jack Bauer foiled the assassination attempt by going for a Secret Service Agent's gun, after which Gaines lost contact with Bauer. He held off on assassinating Teri and Kim in the hope that he could re-establish contact with Jack. The assassin Johnathan escaped in the confusion.

When he failed to do so, Andre Drazen ordered him to execute Teri and Kim anyway. He sent Eli to kill them, but there was a struggle and Eli was killed. Shortly afterward, Jack Bauer located the compound and rescued Teri and Kim with the assistance of Rick. Ira Gaines was killed by Jack Bauer. Rick temporarilarly escaped custody, but was eventually arrested in an unrelated incident.

Kevin Caroll and other members of Gaines' cell were executed by the Drazen cell for their failure.