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Drazen Cell
Cell Leader Andre Drazen
Victor Drazen
averted / succeeded
Eliminate remanents of Gaines' cell
Kill Robert Ellis
Re-capture Teri Bauer
Re-capture Kim Bauer
Jailbreak Victor Drazen
Assassinate David Palmer
Kill Jack Bauer
Escape the United States
Cell Kills 19+
Estimated Size 12+
Known Cell Members Andre Drazen
Alexis Drazen
Victor Drazen
Ted Cofell
Jovan Myovic
Mishku Suva
Nina Myers
Cell Status Ted Cofell (died of heart attack)
Andre Drazen (killed)
Victor Drazen (Killed)
Alexis Drazen (Died of Injuries)
Harris (Unknown)
Ted Cofell (Died of Heart Attack)
Jovan Myovic (Killed)
Mishku Suva (Killed)
Mila (Executed)
Nikola (Executed)
Nina Myers (captured)

The Drazen Cell was a cell organized to take revenge for the deaths of Victor Drazen's family, and to free Victor Drazen from a secret prison.


After Gaines' cell failed to assassinate David Palmer and re-establish contact with Jack Bauer, Andre Drazen ordered the remanents of the cell killed.

The Drazen cell also wnated Robert Ellis dead for his involvement in the attack that killed Drazen's family.

Nina Myers tipped the Drazen cell off to the location of the safe house holding Teri and Kim, but Teri and Kim escaped. Kim was eventually re-captured from Police custody.

The Drazen cell had found out that Victor Drazen was being transferred to a secret prison near Los Angeles and hired a team of mercenaries lead by Harris to lead the assault.

Once Kim Bauer was re-captured, the Drazens forced Jack Bauer to meet with Palmer. Unknown to Jack, the cell phone he was carrying was a bomb meant to kill them both.


Andre Drazen planted an explosive device in a safe house used by the Gaines' cell and detonated it when Kevin Caroll and some cell members arrived.

Robert Ellis was located and assassinated in a New Orleans bar.

Jovan Myovic and Mishku Suva attacked the CTU safe house holding Teri and Kim and killed all but one of the agents easily, but the last remaining agent killed Suva before Myovic killed him. Myovic eventually tracked Teri Bauer down at her house, killing one additional agent and an armed civilian, and wounding a second civilian. Tony Almeida killed him before he could execute Teri.

Andre Drazen was planning to pay a man fro mthe power company to shut off the power to the secret prison at the exact time Victor Drazen was arriving, but was wounded by Elizabeth Nash and captured by CTU. When the expected blackout didn't occur, the plan to ambush the guards was cancelled, but the prison was assaulted anyway. Victor Drazen was freed and Jack Bauer was captured. All other prison personell were killed.

Jack was taken by the Drazen's to Nikola's house, after which the Drazen's were planning to leave the country. Jack took Mila hostage and attempted to escape. Victor executed her to prevent Jack from escaping, then executed Nikola when he got angry at Victor.

When CTU handed Alexis over to the Drazens, Andre released Jack, gave him a cell phone and told him to meet with Palmer. When Palmer talked to drazen over this phone and got no reply, Jack realized the phone was booby-trapped and threw the bomb out the window.