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Cummings Cell
Cell Leader Walt Cummings
averted / succeeded
Prevent Martha Logan from revealing information
Assassinate Jack Bauer
Cell Kills 1
Estimated Size 3
Known Cell Members Walt Cummings
Spencer Wolfe
Cell Status Walt Cummings (committed suicide)
Spencer Wolfe (switched sides)

The Cummings Cell is a cell under the command of Presidential Advisor Walt Cummings, and they take orders directly from him. Not all members of the Cummings Cell were aware of Cumming's real motives


Their first objective was to prevent Martha Logan from revealing that President Palmer attempted to call her to warn her of the impending terrorist attack

When Jack Bauer was no longer a prime suspect in the assassination of Palmer, their second objective was to have Jack Bauer assassinated.


Walt Cummings recruited Spencer Wolfe to act as his agent inside CTU. He told Wolfe he was part of an internal affairs investigation.

Walt Cummings had the phone call Martha Logan altered, and he presented the altered copy to President Logan so he wouldn't believe her. When she found the transcript of the call in the archives, he asked her assistant Evyln where it was. He then snuck into Martha Logan's room and used chloroform to knock her out and take the transcript.

With Jack Bauer no longer a suspect, and knowing he would join in the investigation of the terrorist plot of today, Walt Cummings arranged for an assassin to arrive at CTU, and told Wolfe to get him in off the books. Wolfe did that, thinking the assassin was only to put a tap on some of CTU's files. Chloe became suspecious of Wolfe and found that he had a level of access that he wasn't cleared for. Wolfe was taken in for interrogation.

The assassin snuck to the infirmary and killed Dr. Paulson. He then paged Jack to come down, and attempted to kill him. Jack killed the assassin.

When Spencer learned that the man he let in was an assassin, he confessed, telling Jack that he thought he was working an internal affairs job, and that he got his orders from Walt Cummings.