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Self Possessed
Season 3, Episode 8
Airdate November 16, 2002
Production Number 38
Writer(s) Greg Johnson
Director(s) Curt Geda
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X-Men: EvolutionSeason Three
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Self Possessed is the eighth episode of the third season of X-Men: Evolution, and the thirty-eighth episode overall.

Guest Stars: Jim Byrnes (Nick Fury), Matt Hill (Alex Masters/Havok), Ellen Kennedy (Irene Adler/Destiny)


Plot Overview

Destiny had met up with Mystique to warn her that Rogue might die. Rogue was playing tennis with Scott. When he left, she began to have strain in her mind because memories of the Blob came back causing her to throw the racket against the wall. Logan confronts her but Kitty drags her away to school before she could answer. Even in school, the powers of others had been active. She phased through the bathroom door and found Risty. Risty explains her abscence by saying that her parents wouldn't allow her to leave England because of the Mutant Business. Rogue walked out with Risty to get a drink of water. However electricity from Storm's powers flew everywhere. Rogue ran away scared. Risty found her outside. Rogue explains to Risty how she can put her into a coma if she touches her. Risty seems to be freaked out but she tells Rogue to go to the concert to make fun of everyone who goes.

That night Scott, Jean, Kurt, Tabitha, Kitty, and Jamie went to the concert. Rogue was feeling a little crowded. A girl who was sitting on her boyfriend's shoulders feel off and riped Rogue's sleeve. People began pushing her and as they did she begins to absorb them by accident. Someone pushed her into Risty and Rogue began absorbing her so much. She and Risty screams and begin to panic. Risty transformed into Mystique! Rogue suddenly transformed into Sabretooth and began wrecking the entire place. The X-Men used their powers to slow down Sabretooth, not knowing it was Rogue, and saving people. Jamie jumped on her and she absorbs his powers too. She transformed into Juggernaut and barged out of the club iwth Mystique chasing after her. Scott calls for help. Rogue went to an alley to cry because she became confused about everything. Mystique came to her and tried to talk to her. However Rogue transformed to Mystique and began yelling at her for using her to spy on the X-Men. She tries to fight her but Mystique said that she adopted Rogue when she was for.

Rogue became so upset that she ran away in tears and teleported to a roof top. Wolverine drives by looking for her. She shape shifts to Sabretooth and attacks Wolverine. However she snifted her and realized it was Rogue. The other X-Men came and Cyclops blasted her into a warehouse. Wolverine tells Cyclops that Rogue's powers have gone crazy when they searched inside the warehouse. Rogue asked them to help her but Cyclops said that they will because they are her friends which made Rogue angry because she remembers Mystique tricking her. She flys out the warehouse using everyone's powers against the X-Men. Wolverine realizes that she has control of all their powers and they were in danger. However Storm, Professor Xavier and the Beast came to the rescue. Storm apologizes for going to hurt her and they battled it out. In the end Rogue enmerged victorious. Wolverine talks to her and tells her that she can fight all the people in her head. Xavier blocks them out and Rogue ends up in the infirmary. Xavier explains to Scott that Rogue might be left very fragile. Wolverine sat by her bedside until Rogue woke up. Mystique had a talk with Destiny. She said that Rogue is now in their future. However an ancient Mutant will rise back on Earth again. This time Mystique and Rogue's life is in his hands.


this episode shows that rogue could eventually tap into the powers of other people shes touched.

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