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Aaron Tyler
Actor Lee Pace
First Appearance 1x01 - Wax Lion
Last Appearance 1x13 - Caged Bird
Series Billing Series: Billed
Episode Count 10
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  • In the unaired pilot of Wonderfalls, Aaron was played by Adam Scott. When the pilot was picked up by FOX, Scott wasn't available for further episodes and the role was recast at the last moment with Lee Pace.
  • One quirk of the Aaron character that didn't make it past a draft of the pilot script was that he was meant to be a closet sexaholic. During a cut montage showing Jaye knocking on doors to give an unruly customer her purse back, she was going to run into her brother sleeping with her high school rival. This was all reconceived when the original actor dropped out and Pace had a different approach to the character.
  • In the series Aaron specifically says that he's an atheist, despite having degrees in theology. Had there been further seasons, Aaron would have had a character arc where he would become a believer based off of Jaye's actions as a "spiritual leader."