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Wonder Woman
DC Comics
Creator(s) William Moulton Marston
Notable Actor(s) Ellie Wood Walker
Linda Harrison
Shannon Farnon
Cathy Lee Crosby
Lynda Carter
Constance Cawlfield
B.J. Ward
Susan Eisenberg
Adrianne Palicki
First Appearance All Star Comics #8
First Appearance Date December 1941
First Medium comic book
First TV Appearance The Brady Kids episode 1x13 - It's All Greek to Me
First Appearance Date December 2, 1972
Alternate Names Princess Diana
Diana Prince
Associated Characters Wonder Girl

Spider-Man is a super-hero created by William Moulton Marston in December 1941 for DC Comics. She is one of DC's most well-known characters. She has appeared as the star of multiple live-action shows, and has appeared as a member of the Super Friends and the Justice League in multiple animated series.

The following is a list of any TV program which starred Wonder Woman, on her own as a regular member of a team.

Title Format Buyer Year(s)
Wonder Woman Live-action TBA 1967
aka Wonder Woman: Who's Afraid of Diana Prince?, unaired pilot presentation
Super Friends Animated ABC 1973
Wonder Woman Live-action ABC 1974
TV movie intended as a pilot
The New Original Wonder Woman Live-action ABC 1975
Wonder Woman Live-action ABC 1976–77
CBS 1977–79
The All-New Superfriends Hour Animated ABC 1977
Challenge of the Superfriends Animated ABC 1978
The World's Greatest Superfriends Animated ABC 1979
Super Friends Animated ABC 1980–81
Super Friends Animated 1983
Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show Animated ABC 1984
The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians Animated ABC 1985
Justice League Animated Cartoon Network 2001–06
Later renamed Justice League Unlimited
Wonder Woman Live-action NBC 2011
Unaired pilot