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William Marshall

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William Marshall
Birth name Gerald William Marshall
Born October 12, 1917 in Chicago, Illinois, USA
Died June 8, 1994 in Paris, France from natural causes
Notable Roles
Notable Episodes



Guest Starring Roles

Series Role Episode Airdate
The Nurses (1962) Octave Mba 2x27 - The Leopard Killer April 9, 1964
Bonanza Thomas Bowers 5x30 - Enter Thomas Bowers April 26, 1964
Rawhide Sargeant Sam Turner 6x30 - Incident at Seven Fingers May 7, 1964
Ben Casey Dr. Henry Wellick 4x14 - A Boy Is Standing Outside the Door January 4, 1965
Daniel Boone Birch Kendall 3x21 - The Long Way Home February 16, 1967
Tarzan (1966) Kasembi 1x25 - Jungle Dragnet March 3, 1967
Tarzan (1966) Col. Takakombi 2x04 - The Blue Stone of Heaven (1) October 6, 1967
Tarzan (1966) Col. Takakombi 2x05 - The Blue Stone of Heaven (2) October 13, 1967
Tarzan (1966) Likui 2x11 - Mountains of the Moon (1) November 24, 1967
Tarzan (1966) Likui 2x12 - Mountains of the Moon (2) December 1, 1967
Star Trek: The Original Series Dr. Richard Daystrom 2x24 - The Ultimate Computer March 8, 1968
The Wild Wild West Amalek 4x08 - The Night of the Egyptian Queen November 15, 1968
Mannix Bolo 5x21 - Lifeline February 16, 1972
Police Woman 3x14 - Once a Snitch January 4, 1977
The Jeffersons Joe Blake 9x07 - A Date With Danger November 7, 1982

Awards and Accolades