Wanted: Dead or Alive/Rope Law

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Rope Law
Season 1, Episode 18
Airdate January 3, 1959
Production Number 6338
Writer(s) Donn Mullally
Director(s) Thomas Carr
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Six-Up to Bannach
Wanted: Dead or AliveSeason One

Guest Stars: Darryl Hickman (Damon Ring, Jr.), Richard Arlen (Damon Ring, Sr.), Robert Strauss (Brace Logan), Sidney Blackmer (Judge Cooper)


Plot Overview

Josh and Brace Logan are met on the range by a group of men who want Logan, Josh's prisoner. When he refuses, he's hit from behind and loses Logan. When he gets to town to file a complaint he is surprised to find the sheriff was the leader of the men and his son was the one who hit him. Josh takes an interest in the case now and is determined to find the truth...especially since the sheriff's son wants to organize a lynching.