Wagon Train/The Rodney Lawrence Story

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The Rodney Lawrence Story
Season 2, Episode 36
Airdate June 10, 1959
Writer(s) Gerry Day
Director(s) Virgil Vogel
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The Andrew Hale Story
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The Steele Family Story
Wagon TrainSeason Two

Guest Star: Dean Stockwell (Rodney Lawrence)

With: Frank de Kova (Ocheo), Cindy Robbins (Mindy McCrea), Theodore Marcuse (Keller), John Milford (Pete Galt), Russ Conway (Mr. McCrea), Roger Mobley (Young Rodney), Morgan Jones (Jason Elliott), Diana Barth (Mary Elliott)


Plot Overview

After his family is killed by outlaws, Rodney is raised by a kindly Indian. When he is grown, the Indian tells him that it is time to learn about his own people and sends the boy down to the wagon train. However, Rod sees and hears things which don't lead him to look kindly on the travelers. That is, until he sees Mandy. So, unknown to the wagon train, he leaves things in exchange for interesting items, not knowing that two unscrupulous crooks are planning on framing him for their crimes.