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Coach Preppernau
Veronica Mars
Actor Carl Bresk
First Appearance 1x08 - Like a Virgin
Last Appearance 2x14 - Versatile Toppings
Series Billing Series: Recurring
Episode Count 7
Notable Episodes none

Coach Preppernau, played by Carl Bresk, appears in five episodes of Veronica Mars, each time playing a different role as a member of the faculty. Before 2x11 - Donut Run, he did not have a name, and has simply been referred to as Teacher in the credits.


Basic Information

Episode Appearances

  • Coach Preppernau has appeared in seven episodes of Veronica Mars to date.
  1. 1x08 - Like a Virgin
  2. 1x12 - Clash of the Tritons
  3. 1x16 - Betty and Veronica
  4. 1x21 - A Trip to the Dentist
  5. 2x06 - Rat Saw God
  6. 2x11 - Donut Run
  7. 2x14 - Versatile Toppings

Character History

  • 1x08 - Like a Virgin: Veronica approaches Coach Preppernau in the computer room and presents him with a question but mentions that he's merely a gym teacher subbing in for the class.
  • 1x21 - A Trip to the Dentist: Coach Preppernau breaks up a spontaneous fight between Logan and Weevil in front of a school bus.
  • 2x11 - Donut Run: Coach Preppernau has a Google Race in his class, leading Veronica to stumble across Wallace's high school basketball record in Chicago.
  • 2x14 - Versatile Toppings: Veronica asks Coach Preppernau if she can ride on the bus with the team in order to get to the basketball game, but he shoots her down.

Memorable Moments