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Season One
Season Premiere March 17, 2015
Season Finale May 12, 2015
Episode Count 10



Season One


Season Three

Season Two of Undateable premiered on March 17, 2015 with all episodes directed by Phill Lewis excluding the third and fifth episodes directed by Eric Dean Seaton.


# # Title Written By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating Prod.
14 1 A Japanese Businessman Walks into a Bar Adam Sztykiel March 17, 2015 6.43M 1.9% 4X5001
Danny convinces Justin to have a one night stand, but when he can't end it quickly, the gang has a "trial" to decide who is a bigger jerk: Justin or Danny. At the bar, Justin hires a new bartender, Candace, who isn't quite getting the hang of her new job. Meanwhile, Leslie thinks a gym is using a suggestive picture of her to their advantage, and the guys decide to take matters into their own hands.
15 2 Candace's Boyfriend Walks into a Bar Adam Sztykiel March 24, 2015 5.18M 1.5% 4X5006
The gang meets Candace's boyfriend only to learn that he is a total jerk. Despite Danny's objections everyone feels they need to convince her that she can do better. Meanwhile, Brett takes kissing lessons from Shelly.
16 3 An Imaginary Torch Walks into a Bar Laura Moran March 31, 2015 4.98M 1.4% 4X5004
Justin's world is rocked when Nicki returns to Detroit and announces that she's engaged. To prove that he is cool with her moving on, Justin offers up the bar for her engagement party and Danny helps him make an important realization. Meanwhile, Burski his miguided pursuit of Leslie, but Candace helps the gang see his romantic side.
17 4 A Stray Dog Walks into a Bar Michael Hobert April 14, 2015 5.1M 1.5% 4X5005
After dealing with their quirky neighbor, Danny tells Justin that he is easily taken advantage of and soon reveals that he has been overcharging him for rent. Meanwhile, Brett teaches Candace how to lie so that she can keep a stray puppy she found outside of the bar.
18 5 A Priest Walks into a Bar Heather Flanders April 21, 2015 4.85M 1.4% 4X5003
When Justin calls Danny a loser, Danny is motivated to make a career move to prove him wrong. Meanwhile, Leslie persuades Justin to be tough with Danny. Back at the bar, Candace tries to help Shelly deal with being just a booty-call and never the boyfriend.
19 6 A Sibling Rivalry Walks into a Bar Craig Doyle April 28, 2015 4.53M 1.2% 4X5002
After Danny sets Leslie up on a horrible blind date, Justin steps up when she needs a date to a work event. To prove he is a good brother, Danny makes his case to accompany Leslie. Meanwhile, Shelly helps Burski get a cheap suit so he can impress Leslie.
20 7 A Live Show Walks into a Bar (1) Adam Sztykiel May 5, 2015 4.21M 1.3% 4X5009
When a music festival comes to Detroit, Danny and Justin both try to win over a beautiful backup singer they met in the bar. As Danny tries to give Justin the chance to get the girl, he can't help but compete for her attention.
21 8 A Live Show Walks into a Bar (2) Adam Sztykiel May 5, 2015 4.21M 1.3% 4X5010
The gang does their best to keep Candace from going back to her old boyfriend.
22 9 An Angry Judge Walks into a Bar Austen Faggen May 12, 2015 4.01M 1.3% 4X5007
Justin makes an embarrassing mistake in front of his new girlfriend's father. In Danny's efforts to try and help, he makes things even worse. Meanwhile, Candace tries to deal with her crush on Justin.
23 10 Cop Number Four Walks into a Bar Joel Church-Cooper May 12, 2015 4.01M 1.3% 4X5008
In order to get space from Justin, Candace tries to win a free house in a contest Leslie is running. The guys go to cheer her on, but Danny enters the contest when Candace's ex-boyfriend shows up. Meanwhile, Shelly convinces Brett that he should come out to his friends back in London via Skype so that he can truly be free.

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