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Season Three
Season Premiere October 9, 2015
Season Finale January 29, 2016
Episode Count 13



Season Two



Season Three of Undateable premiered on October 9, 2015. All episodes this season (except for the third episode) are performed twice live for the east and wast coasts. All episodes are directed by Phill Lewis, except for episode six by Marty Pasetta Jr.


# # Title Written By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating Prod.
24 1 A Will They Walks into a Bar Adam Sztykiel October 9, 2015 2.54M 0.8% 4X7151
Danny decides to interfere as Justin and Candace are on the verge of making things official. Burski surprises everyone that when he announces he has a girlfriend.
Musical guest Nico & Vinz
25 2 A Won't They Walks into a Bar Adam Sztykiel October 9, 2015 2.54M 0.8% 4X7152
Leslie decides it's time to change up her look.
Musical guest Nico & Vinz
26 3 A Rock and a Hard Place Walk into a Bar Allison Bosma &
Jon DeWalt
October 16, 2015 3.133M 0.9% 4X7153
Candace alters Danny's plans with a woman he brought home for the evening. Justin accidentally becomes a part of their feud.
Musical guest Kodaline
27 4 A Truth Hug Walks into a Bar Christopher Luccy October 23, 2015 2.577M 0.7% 4X7154
When Danny blabs to Justin that Shelly has nowhere to live, Justin tries to trick him into moving in above the bar.
Musical guest Saint Motel
28 5 Halloween Walks into a Bar Craig Doyle October 30, 2015 2.602M 0.7% 4X7155
Danny thinks Justin is being too romantic with Candace and decides to intervene. Meanwhile, the gang decides on the best group costume.
Musical guest Meghan Trainor
29 6 A Puppet Walks into a Bar Michael Hobert November 6, 2015 2.635M 0.7% 4X7156
Danny and Justin discover that Leslie's boyfriend Mike wants to propose to her and then have to deal with the consequences.
Musical guest American Authors
30 7 An Origin Story Walks into a Bar Amy Pocha &
Seth Cohen
November 20, 2015 2.721M 0.8% 4X7157
An older woman from Danny's past returns and throws him into a tailspin.
Musical guest Alessia Cara
31 8 A Bachelorette Party Walks into a Bar Austen Faggen December 4, 2015 2.864M 0.8% 4X7158
When Justin hosts a bachelorette party in the bar, Danny finds himself drawn to maid of honor Charlotte.
Musical guest Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness
32 9 A Box of Puppies Walks into a Bar Joel Church-Cooper December 11, 2015 2.741M 0.7% 4X7159
Shelly makes sure that everyone spends time together before they head off for the holidays. Meanwhile, Candace gets a big surprise when she learns her dog Mo may be the father to an adorable litter of puppies.
Musical act The Bad Boys of Undateable featuring Bridgit Mendler
33 10 A New Year's Resolution Walks into a Bar Laura Moran January 8, 2016 3.149M 0.8% 4X7160
After a shocking revelation from Charlotte, Danny is determined to prove he is a great lover. Meanwhile, Candace makes an attempt to spice up her relationship with Justin after taking some advice from Leslie. Elsewhere, the gang celebrates Shelly's weight loss.
Musical guest Charlie Puth
34 11 Danny's Boyz Walk into a Bar Ryan Kemp January 15, 2016 2.749M 0.8% 4X7161
While gearing up to take his citizenship test, Brett's lucky sweater goes missing. Meanwhile, Leslie demands that no one celebrate her birthday but Burski has other plans.
Musical guest Weezer
35 12 The Backstreet Boys Walk into a Bar (1) Matthew Hausfater January 29, 2016 2.733M 0.8% 4X7162
Danny and Justin face-off after Justin has the Backstreet Boys help him with a surprise.
Musical guest Backstreet Boys
36 13 The Backstreet Boys Walk into a Bar (2) Adam Sztykiel January 29, 2016 2.733M 0.8% 4X7163
The gang teams up to help Candace get something back from her ex-boyfriend, Trent.
Musical guest Backstreet Boys

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