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Torchwood/Season Three

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Season Three
Torchwood series 3 screenshot.jpg
Season Premiere July 6, 2009
Season Finale July 10, 2009
Episode Count 5

Season Two


Season Four

Season Three of Torchwood premiered on July 6, 2009.

Children of Earth is the story of aliens having a strange hold over the children of the Earth and the way the government, in particular the British government who had an earlier contact with the aliens, reacts to defend it's position and prevent panic amongst the people. Each episode represents a day from first contact to final conclusion.


# # Title Original UK Airdate US Airdate
27 1 Children of Earth: Day One July 6, 2009 July 20, 2009
28 2 Children of Earth: Day Two July 7, 2009 July 21, 2009
29 3 Children of Earth: Day Three July 8, 2009 July 22, 2009
30 4 Children of Earth: Day Four July 9, 2009 July 23, 2009
31 5 Children of Earth: Day Five July 10, 2009 July 24, 2009