Thunderbirds 2086

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Thunderbirds 2086
Premiere April 17, 1982
Finale September 11, 1982
Creator Gerry Anderson (concept)
Network Fuji TV
Style 30-minute children's anime sci-fi
Company Jin Productions,
Toei Animation,
ITC Entertainment
Seasons 1
Episodes 24
Origin Japan

Thunderbirds 2086 is the English adaptation of Kagaku Kyûjo-tai TechnoVoyager, a Japanese children's anime sci-fi program that aired on Fuji TV. This series was based loosely on the 1960s British series Thunderbirds by Gerry Anderson.



Actor Character Duration
Billed Cast
Alexander Marshall 1
Earl Hammond 1
Eleanor Kearney 1
Henry Mandell 1
Joan Audiberti 1
John Bellucci 1
Keith Mandell 1
Lucy Martin 1
Maia Danziger 1
Paolo Audiberti 1
Peter Fernandez 1


Season Premiere Finale #
Fuji TV
Season One April 17, 1982 September 11, 1982 24


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