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The Venture Bros./Season One (DVD)

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Season One
The Venture Bros.
The Venture Bros-Season 1 DVD.jpg
Release Date May 30, 2006
Format DVD
Region 1
Distributor Warner Bros. Home Video
Disc Count 2
Episode Count 13
Running Time 291 minutes
Retail Price $29.98
Video Full Frame (1.33:1)
Audio English
Subtitles Closed Captioned
Next Season Set Season Two (DVD)



The Venture Bros. - Season One is a DVD box set for The Venture Bros.. It includes everything from the show's first season including the original pilot and the Christmas special. The box set was first released in the US on May 30, 2006, and spans 2 discs. The set was originally slated to be 3 discs at $44.98, but those plans were changed and it was bumped down to 2 discs at $29.98. Due to limited space, there are only 5 commentaries and limited special features. The following information applies to the Region 1 US DVD release.

Disc Breakdown

Disc One


Disc Two


Special Features

  • Show Pilot with optional audio commentary
  • Christmas Bonus Episode
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Behind the Scenes of The Venture Bros. Live-Action Movie

Special Features

  • Show Pilot with optional audio commentary: The pilot for the show, The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay
  • Christmas Bonus Episode: The 15-minute Christmas special A Very Venture Christmas
  • Deleted Scenes: Deleted scenes for the following episodes:
    • Dia De Los Dangerous!
    • The Incredible Mr. Brisby
    • Are You There God? Its Me, Dean.
    • Past Tense
    • The Trial of the Monarch
    • Return to Spider-Skull Island
  • Behind the Scenes of The Venture Bros. Live-Action Movie: A featurette about a fake movie

Easter Eggs

None that are known.


None that are known.