The Venture Bros./Production Crew

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Crew Member Position
Jackson Publick Creator
Executive Producer
Storyboard Artist
David Lipson Producer
J.G. Thirlwell Music
Nathan Graf Associate Producer
Nick DeMayo Animation Director
Rachel Simon Associate Producer
Jennifer Batinich Animation Director
Kimson Albert Animation Director
Jeff Nodelman Supervising Producer (Season 1)
Miguel Martinez-Joffre Animation Direction Supervisor
Mike Foran Character/Prop Design Supervisor
Rick Lacy Character/Prop Designer
Storyboard Revision
Phil Lynda Character/Prop Designer
Chris George Character/Prop Designer
Storyboard Revision
Amanda Baehr Character/Prop Designer
Froya Tanz B.G. Design Supervisor
Erik Craddock B.G. Clean-Up
Vin Truong B.G. Design
Jamison Kwon B.G. Design
Dong M. Lee B.G. Design Supervisor
Bill Presing Storyboard Supervisor (Season 1)
Tom Conner Storyboard Artist
Stephen DeStefano Storyboard Artist
Douglas Lovelace Storyboard Artist
Storyboard Revision Supervisor
Jonathan Roscetti Storyboard Revision
Michael Ovideo Storyboard Revision
Heather Austin Char/Prop Color Key
Marina Dominis-Dunnigan Color Supervisor
Brad Nord Production Coordinator
Luciano DiGeronimo Animo Recompositing
Rebekah Browning Production Assisstant
Patrick Costa Production Assisstant
Sandra Gaddis Production Assisstant
Janet Green Production Assisstant
Alysa Heller Production Assisstant
Andres Kwon Production Assisstant
Aaron Leopold Production Assisstant
Aura Moser Production Assisstant
Kimberly Solano Production Assisstant
Chris Stearns Production Assisstant
Doc Hammer Editor
Special Visual Effects
Title Sequence
Sal Malimo Animo Recompositing
Roger Mejia Lip Synch
Ben Edlund Story
Writer (Season 2)
Mike Lazzo Executive in Charge of Production for Cartoon Network
Keith Crofford Executive in Charge of Production for Cartoon Network


Crew Member Position
Goldcrest Post Production, Ltd.
Dave Paterson Supervising Sound Editor
Re-Recording Mixer
Digital eMation, Inc.
Stephen S.H. Yoon Animation Executive Producer
Ki-Yong Bai Animation Supervising Director