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The Venture Bros./Characters

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The Venture Family

The Venture clan consists of Dr. Venture, his sons Hank and Dean, their bodyguard Brock Samson, and their helper robot: H.E.L.P.eR. The Venture brothers do not currently have a mother, and we don't know what happened to her at this point.

Hank Venture

Vb char hank.gif

voiced by Christopher McCulloch

The older half of the Venture twins (by four minutes), Hank Venture is the more athletic and naive brother. His outfit resembles that of Fred's from Scooby-Doo, while his personality resembles that of Jonny Quest's. Hank supposedly has two navels, and while this hasn't been shown on-screen, it has been revealed in a layout design by Douglas Lovelace.

Dean Venture

Vb char dean.gif

voiced by Michael Sinterniklaas

Dean Venture is the younger, smarter sibling of the Venture pair. His outfit resembles that of the Hardy Boys in the Nancy Drew novels. Dean is secretly in love with Dr. Orpheus' daughter, Triana, even though he can't show it in front of her. Dean tends to remain in denial longer than Hank, thinking that in one instance, people's bodies were being carried away in sleeping bags instead of body bags.

Dr. Thaddeus S. "Rusty" Venture

Vb char drventure.gif

voiced by James Urbaniak

Rumored as not even being a real doctor, Dr. Venture has spent most of his career riding his father's coattails. He inherited the Venture family business from his father, Jonas Venture, and since then he occasionally has to come up with ways to make back some money. This includes renting a lab to Dr. Orpheus, and selling his father's old inventions in a yard sale. Dr. Venture cannot stand his own boys, but he enjoys the company of Brock, who tolerates Dr. Venture for the most part.

Brock Samson

Vb char brock.gif

voiced by Patrick Warburton

Brock Samson is the Venture family's bodyguard, and after so many years, he's forgotten why he was assigned to them in the first place. Brock went to college with Dr. Venture, Pete White, and the Monarch, where he killed one of his football teammates. Upon losing his scholarship, Brock joined the army where he befriended Race Bannon, who became his new mentor. Now Brock works with the Office of Secret Intelligence, and has a special government license to kill. He prefers not to use firearms, and instead resorts to his Bowie knife, his Dodge Charger, and his own strength to take out the enemy.


Vb char helper.gif

voiced by SoulBot

H.E.L.P.eR. is an acronym for Humanoid Electric Lab Partner Robot. He was created by Jonas Venture to look after Rusty, but now serves as a helper robot for the Venture compound.

Dr. Jonas Venture, Sr.

Vb char jonassr.gif

voiced by Paul Boocock

Dr. Venture's genius scientist father who died while Rusty was in college. Jonas lead the original Team Venture, a group of heroes who looked after Rusty and the Venture Industries. His character is based on Doc Savage.

Jonas Venture, Jr.

Vb char jonasjr.gif

voiced by James Urbaniak

Dr. Venture's twin brother who was stuck inside him for over 40 years. After being mistaken for a tumor, Jonas Jr. escaped and tried to kill his own brother, only to fail. The two brothers made up, and now Jonas Jr. is a part of the family.

Friends of the Ventures

Dr. Byron Orpheus

Vb char drorpheus.gif

voiced by Steven Rattazzi

A master necromancer who rents space in the Venture compound. Dr. Orpheus tends to overemote about everything he says, which is often accompanied by dramatic music. Orpheus desires an arch enemy of his own, preferrably a red-head. He dresses much like Doctor Strange, and has a face and voice similar to that of Vincent Price.

Triana Orpheus

Vb char triana.gif

voiced by Lisa Hammer

Dr. Orpheus' goth/punk daughter. She dyes her hair a dark purple. Triana is one of the more sane characters on The Venture Bros., and Dean has a crush on her.

Pete White

Vb char pete.gif

voiced by Christopher McCulloch

Pete White met up with Dr. Venture in college, where he roomed with Baron Underbheit. Pete White is an albino scientist, and co-founded Conjectural Technologies with Master Billy Quizboy, which both run out of their trailer. Pete is suspected of being gay.

Master Billy Quizboy

Vb char billy.gif

voiced by Doc Hammer

Billy Quizboy, despite the name, is an adult with a growth deficiency and a hydrocephalus condition. He prefers the name "boy genius" because it sounds better than "adult genius." He co-founded Conjectural Technologies with Pete White.

The original Team Venture

Vb char teamventure.gif

voiced by Christopher McCulloch (Col. Gentleman, The Action Man); T. Ryder Smith (Otto Aquarius)

The original Team Venture was composed of 5 members: Jonas Venture, Col. Horace Gentleman, Otto Aquarius, Kano, and The Action Man. Col. Gentleman is a perceptive, well, gentleman, who walks with a cane. Kano is a martial arts master and pilot who communicates through origami. Otto Aquarius is from Atlantis, and is now a Jehovah's witness who hands out pamphlets door to door. His halfbreed state gives him an elongated lifespan. The Action Man is a supersoldier who fights with guns and his own fists, but has let himself go over recent years. The team has retired, but was called back into action upon Doc and Brock's kidnapping in 1x12 - Past Tense.

Enemies of the Ventures

The Monarch

Vb char monarch.gif

voiced by Christopher McCulloch

The Monarch is the primary villain of the show. His parents were killed in a plane crash, and the monarch butterflies of the forest raised him. He soon claimed a large inheritance thanks to his parents' death. The Monarch went to college with Dr. Venture, where the two made enemies with each other. His costume resembles that of a butterfly's, and he shoots poisonous darts out of his wrist. His base is shaped like a gigantic cocoon, where he runs his operation with Dr. Girlfriend and his henchman.

Dr. Girlfriend

Vb char drgirlfriend.gif

voiced by Doc Hammer

As a husky voiced woman who looks like Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Dr. Girlfriend has a long history of villainy under different names, including Lady Au Pair and Queen Etherea. She worked for the Phantom Limb prior to her working with the Monarch, where she may or may not have been romantically involved with him. Dr. Girlfriend was the brains behind the Monarch's operation, until Trial of the Monarch where she left the Monarch upon his imprisonment.

Baron Werner Ünderbheit

Vb char baron.gif

voiced by T. Ryder Smith

Baron Ünderbheit oversees all of Ünderland, an Eastern European style country where people are executed instead of imprisoned, and recruited while still young. Ünderbheit speaks with a thick accent and wears a metal, rocket powered jaw, which exists because one of Dr. Venture's college lab experiments got it removed. He keeps a manservant by his side, and has since college. His character is a take on Dr. Doom.

The Phantom Limb

Vb char phantomlimb.gif

voiced by James Urbaniak

Still a mysterious villain, the Phantom Limb has invisible arms and legs, and is a higher up at the Guild of Calamitous Intent. Dr. Girlfriend used to work for him before working for The Monarch. The Phantom Limb used The Monarch as a scapegoat to capture a man wanted by the guild named Tiny Attorney, thus imprisoning the Monarch.