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King Size Homer
Season 7, Episode 7
Airdate November 5, 1995
Production Number 3F05
Writer(s) Dan Greaney
Director(s) Jim Reardon
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The SimpsonsSeason Seven


Plot Overview

The Springfield Nuclear Power Plant has started a new exercise program, and all it's employees are forced to attend. Homer does whatever he can to escape the program, but is discovered and forced to exercise. Homer has difficulty doing simple push-ups and jumping jacks, and has no desire to be healthy. He then learns from Lenny that if you are on some kind of disability, you don't have to necessarily go in to work. Sick of being at work every single day, Homer attempts to hurt himself in dangerous situations around the plant. He escapes all the dangerous situations unharmed however, much to his dismay. Feeling discouraged at his failure to damage himself, he reads through a pamphlet outlining common disabilities. Just as he is about to give up, he learns from the booklet that if you weigh in excess of 300 pounds, you qualify as disabled and can work from home (due to a disability know as "Hyper-Obesity"). Sitting at a steady weight of 239, Homer decides this will be a simple task to accomplish. Bart also decides to help Homer gain the weight, after Homer expresses that his whole life he had fought to stay thin, and should have been much fatter than 300 lbs. had he just let himself go.

Homer sets out to eat everything he can, from fattening foods to simple condiments (even eating tarragon and drinking soy sauce) in an effort to quickly gain the disabling weight. He binges on super fattening foods, taking Bart's high-calorie consuming suggestions along the way (eating around the banana in a banana split, brushing his teeth with milkshakes, using pop tarts as bread for sandwiches). He also gorges at fast food restaurants, with Bart handing him burger after burger to ensure his rapid weight gain. He even purchases Massive Weight Gain Powder, much to the visible disgust of a health food store clerk (at this point, at 257 lbs, Homer's vast belly has begun to flow out from under his shirt). Homer has so much fun gaining weight, that he doesn't even notice his size increasing - even though he is becoming disgustingly obese at 296 lbs, he is convinced he weighs 225 lbs (thinking he was skinnier then when he started!) due to scale error. Marge begins to notice his expanding girth when Homer comes to bed one night - becoming so obese by then, his old pajamas had become visibly damaged due to his newly-formed girth. Also, due to his expanding size, the bed moans and tilts as Homer lies into it. Marge expresses immediate concerns for Homer's health, but Homer takes offense as though Marge were attacking his full-figured appearance. Marge then begins to reassure Homer that she would love him even if he weighed 1,000 pounds, so Homer quickly ends the conversation in favor of sleep, leaving the door open for him to grow as fat as he wishes.

Quickly, he grows way above the simple 300 lb mark (not even realizing how fat he has become due to scale error - the whole time, his belly had been resting on the towel rack during weigh-ins, affecting the scale's accuracy). Once he finally discovers how fat he has actually become, he can only giggle with happiness and surprise with no intention to lose even a single extra pound. At long last, hyper-obese Homer is allowed to work at home. Mr. Burns, and workers from the plant, come to install a home computer for the newly disabled (due to extreme obesity) Homer to perform his job from. Lenny and Carl even attend, admiring Homer's massive appearance. Lenny is so impressed by Homer's fat, that he considers becoming hyper obese as well. Later, Homer decides he is now too fat for his pants and pajamas, and lounges around the house in a flowery robe, or in just his underwear. The hyper-obese Homer sits at his computer all day, using a stick to reach objects so he won't have to get up. Marge is repulsed by his massive weight gain, but Homer has never been happier than with his new girth.

Marge's concerns grow further when Bart begins to idealize his father's new lifestyle (Bart dreams of being confined to his bed, due to extreme super-obesity in his adulthood. Mention of this dream makes Homer smile fondly, proud that his son now looks up to him), but Homer only becomes defensive and angry in the face of Marge's protests. He believes his hyper-obesity to be fulfilling a lifelong wish, and sees nothing wrong with his new extremely overweight lifestyle. However, Homer does quickly realize he must still adjust to his new size - he has grown too obese for certain seats, and his fingers are too fat for small buttons, but he still enthusiastically adjusts. Life at home changes for him as well - he runs the air conditioner non-stop to keep himself cool, and he tries to find ways to avoid his simple job (he only needs to press one key, but it is still too much work for him).

Bart later brings his friends to the house to show off his father's new girth. Bart has never been more impressed, but his friends are confused. When they see Homer, he is sitting on the couch, using a stick to reach his work terminal. Homer is of course, so fat at this point that he is causing the couch to sink in under his girth. Though he yells at the kids to stop staring at him, and furiously waves his broom, he chooses to ignore their stares rather than choosing to get up to simply close the window. Homer later heads out to see a movie, but is frustrated when he is told that he is too fat, even to sit in the aisle. Though he is offered a ridiculous amount of theater food as penance, he is angered that the world isn't built for people as fat as he is now. He sets out with a renewed energy, inspired to make the world a haven for the obese (he later forgets this idea).

Later, Homer's avoidance of work accidentally triggers a leak at the plant. Homer desperately attempts to race to the plant to prevent the resulting explosion. As he jumps in his car, his tires deflate (he is too heavy for his car), so he hijacks an ice cream truck to drive to his destination (snacking all along the way). He arrives with no time to spare, and climbs up a ladder to the tank hatch. Unfortunately, he is even to obese for a ladder to support his weight, so he falls right into the tank's opening. His hyper-obese body is so large, it successfully seals the leak in the tank - Homer's fat inadvertently saves the day. Mr. Burns rewards Homer with anything he wants - Homer sadly decides to join Mr. Burns' exercise program so he can lose weight for Marge. That night, Mr. Burns coaches as Homer struggles to do a sit-up in his underwear - he is too fat to even do one sit up. So instead, Mr. Burns offers Homer free liposuction. He reluctantly accepts, in spite of how much he loves his extra girth, just to make Marge happy.


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