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The Telenovela
Oc 1x20.jpg
Season 1, Episode 20
Airdate February 25, 2004
Production Number 120
Writer(s) Stephanie Savage
Director(s) Sanford Bookstaver
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The Heartbreak
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The Goodbye Girl
The O.C.Season One

The Telenovela is the twentieth episode of the first season of The O.C., and the twentieth episode overall.

Guest Stars: Richard Herd (Shaun), Eric Balfour (Eddie)


Plot Overview

That Ryan-Marissa thing is more iffy than ever when Theresa hangs in Newport. The telenovela- like suds-o-rama overflows with the Seth-Summer follies, the Luke-Julie fling and an insider who may be a threat to the Caleb-Kirsten biz.

Ryan and Marissa are trying to be just 'friends', but it is proving hard for both of them, especially with Theresa around. Julie and Luke continue their secret love affair. Seth forces an ultimatum upon Summer to acknowledge him in public. Sandy is asked by Caleb to take care of some legal issues with a friend of his (Shaun), but there is more to it than first appears.


1 From the 909 (Credits).

2 Meet the awkwards.

3 Seth on strike.

4 Look who's here.

5 Mermaid encounters.

6 End Credits.



Artist Song Scene OC Mix
Preston School of Industry Caught In The Rain Opening scene. Seth with Ryan, and Summer with Marissa, talk about relationships
William Hindle Leaving Trains Ryan and Marissa talk over lunch
Mojave 3 Bluebird of Happiness Ryan and Theresa on the beach
Ryan goes to Eddy to talk
Ryan and Theresa kiss
Hallowe'en, Alaska Des Moines Ryan and Eddy talking
Patrick Park Something Pretty Seth's public display of affection 2

Arc Advancement





The Show

  • Peter Gallagher, the actor, appeared in the Broadway production of Grease. In this episode it is revealed that his character, Sandy Cohen, did a production of Grease in college.

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

  • Summer's pillow-talk rant about being in the public spotlight alludes to the relationship between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez.
  • Seth talks about overexposure being a major source of relationship conflict. His use of "Summereth" and "Sethummer" is meant to allude to the tabloid nickname of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez "Bennifer", continuing the theme from Summer's rant.
  • Seth takes a stand against Summer and says that until Summer has "a series of MTV driven hits and moderately priced teen clothing line and he is offered $20million to portray a blind superhero in a red leather unitard" that public pressure is not a reasonable argument for keeping their relationship private. Again this is an allusion to Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez.
  • Seth refers to the lady drama with Ryan as a telenovela, a type of Spanish language soap opera that is famous for its outlandish story lines. Seth mentions "Niña Amada Mia", which is an actual telenovela that is played on the Univision and Telemundo networks that he also mentions.

Memorable Moments

  • Summer reveals to Anna that it is her own insecurity that is preventing her from going public with her relationship with Seth.
  • Seth stands on the kissing booth table and professes his love to Summer publicly


  • Seth: First Marissa then Theresa, who knew Ryan Atwood was so friendly?
  • Kirsten: He (Shaun) is a consultant.
    Sandy: Could you please be a little more vague?
    Kirsten: He knows people.
    Sandy: You did it. That was more vague.
  • Summer: Why can't you accept that I'm not comfortable with public displays of affection?
    Seth: You're offering yourself for $10 a pop at a kissing booth, how much more publicly can affection be displayed?
  • Seth: Yah, that's right, I'm a big dork and I listen to emo and I'm dating her.
  • Summer: How many Juicy sweatsuits does she need? That gotee is SOOO mid-90's!


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