The New Price Is Right

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The New Price Is Right
Premiere September 12, 1994
Finale January 27, 1995
Creator Bob Stewart
Host Doug Davidson
Network/Provider Syndication
Style 30-minute game show
Company Mark Goodson Productions,
Paramount Domestic Television
Seasons 1
Episodes 80
Origin USA

The Nighttime Price Is Right (1994) is one of the versions of the popular game show The Price Is Right. This version ran in syndication in the nighttime while the one hosted by Bob Barker ran in the daytime on CBS. This version was hosted by Doug Davidson (of the CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless) and featured Burton Richardson as the announcer.

To differentiate itself from daytime, this version had contestants called from the studio audience directly to the stage to play a pricing game. Three contestants were called, one game per player. The three played one of two playoffs to determine who went to the Showcase. The first was the big wheel from the daytime show's Showcase Showdown; the other had them in Contestants Row playing "The Price Was Right," bidding on an item from the past at its price when it was first marketed.

The winner played for a showcase of prizes in a game similar to the show's Range Game. The modified range finder moved up a price scale, and the player stopped it if he/she believed the price was within a $1000 range.

This version barely made a blip in the ratings and was canceled by mid-season, due largely to the change in the show's format versus the daytime version and pre-emptions by many stations carrying the show for coverage of the O.J. Simpson murder trial. TV listings had it as The New Price Is Right (the show's name when CBS first revived it in 1972), but on-screen it was simply The Price Is Right.

The New Price Is Right was produced by Mark Goodson Productions, with distribution originally handled by Paramount Domestic Television. CBS Television Distribution (successor-in-interest to PDT) and Fremantle (successor-in-interest to Mark Goodson Productions) now share distribution rights to the show, although it has not been rerun since its original syndicated airing.

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