The Munsters/Munster Masquerade

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Munster Masquerade
Season 1, Episode 1
Airdate September 24, 1964
Writer(s) Joe Connelly
Bob Mosher
Director(s) Lawrence Dobkin

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My Fair Munster
The MunstersSeason One

Co-Starring: Linden Chiles (Tom Daly), Mabel Albertson (Agnes Daly), Frank Wilcox (Albert Daly)

With: Lurene Tuttle (Mrs. Morton), Walter Woolf King (George Washington), Nina Roman (The Harem Girl), Paul Bradley (The 1st Guest), Berniece Dalton (The 2nd Guest), Roy Darmour (The 3rd Guest)


Plot Overview

Marilyn's boyfriend, Tom Daly invites the Munster clan to a masquerade. Eddie remains at home with Mrs. Morton as his sitter. Marilyn goes as Priscilla, Lily is Little Bo Peep, Grandpa is Napoleon and Herman is King Arthur in a suit of shining armor.