The Invisible Man (2000)

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The Invisible Man
Premiere June 9, 2000
Finale February 1, 2002
Creator Matt Greenberg
Based on the novel by
H.G. Wells
Network Sci Fi Channel
Style 60-minute sci-fi action comedy
Company Stu Segall Productions,
Studios USA
Seasons 2
Episodes 45
Origin USA

The Invisible Man is a sci-fi action comedy that aired on the Sci Fi Channel. The show revolves around Darien Fawkes, convicted on his third strike of breaking and entering, which he committed after climbing countless stories on the outside of an apartment building, and of the attempted molestation of a senior citizen, after the old man living in the top apartment suffered a heart attack and Darien revived him. So, under California law, he is sentenced to life imprisonment without parole. However, his genius brother Kevin is working on a top-secret project for the government, and manages to get him out of prison in exchange for his services as a guinea pig. The goal of the project? An invisible agent, who can turn transparent at will, through the implantation of a synthetic gland in his brain.

The operation is a success, but as a side effect, it causes him to go insane after half an hour of invisibility. There is a miraculous blue liquid, a counter-agent to keep him sane, but it must be administered every six days. After terrorists raid the project to steal the data and kill his brother, Darien is forced to take a job with a shady government organization called "The Agency", sponsored by the United States Department of Fish and Game, and take on a neurotic and paranoid deep cover agent as a partner. But as unsavory as his situation is, he must make good with The Agency in order to keep his sanity and give him a chance to find his brother's killer.

The Invisible Man aired for two seasons, alongside Farscape and Lexx, but was briefly moved to Mondays at 8 as part of Sci Fi's ill-fated "Monday Prime" initiative. It backfired, and I-Man was moved back to Fridays, where it lived out the rest of its days.



Actor Character Duration
Main Cast
Vincent Ventresca Darien Fawkes 1 2
Paul Ben-Victor Robert "Bobby" Hobbes 1 2
Shannon Kenny The Keeper 1 2
Eddie Jones The Official 1 2
Mike McCafferty Albert Eberts 1 2
Joel Bissonette Arnaud de Fehrn 1 2


Season Premiere Finale #
Sci Fi Channel
Season One June 9, 2000 April 6, 2001 23
Season Two April 13, 2001 February 1, 2002 22


DVD Releases

Title Release Date #
Season Sets
Season One March 25, 2008 5