The Henry Rollins Show/Episode 110

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Patton Oswalt / Damian Marley
Episode 110
Season 1, Episode 10
Airdate June 3, 2006
Production Number 10068
Guest(s) Patton Oswalt / Damian Marley
May 27, 2006
Episode 109
June 10, 2006
Episode 111
The Henry Rollins ShowSeason One

This is the tenth episode of the first season of The Henry Rollins Show.

Guest Stars: Patton Oswalt, Damian Marley


Episode Breakdown

  • Teeing Off: In his opening monologue, Hank Rollins delivers a rapid-fire list of the things people have to "look forward to" in the coming summer months, including terrible summer blockbusters, President Bush's vacation, immigration protests and Basic Instinct 2 on DVD.
  • Patton Oswalt Interview: Patton Oswalt comes to the show and talks about his comedy albums, Something Kinda Patton and 222. They also discuss the difficulties of touring, the willful ignorance of Americans and whether or not music will get better after the current Bush administration like it did previously.
  • Letters from Henry: Henry writes an open letter to the FCC about their censorship and fining policies which actively target sexual content but steer clear of violent or other potentially damaging broadcasts. He poses the question of whether or not they think that the content that they censor would freeze peoples' abilities to render their own judgment. This builds into a rant about media consolidation and nearly everything on screen being blurred.
  • Move!: Damian Marley song.
  • End Credits: Henry focuses on the Honda Motor Company and Alexandra Paul, who had a major impact on the influence of hybrid electric cars. Honda introduced the first hybrid car, the Insight, in 1999 and continued to produce similar vehicles despite a lack of commercial success with the first model. Paul protested General Motors' decommission and eventual destruction of their EV1 environmentally friendly model. A documentary about these events is mentioned in the segment, entitled Who Killed the Electric Car?



  • Move!, performed by Damian Marley: Damian Marley is the youngest son of the late reggae legend Bob Marley, on the show he performed "Move!" off his breakthrough album Welcome to Jamrock, which won two Grammys.


The Show

  • Bonus Song: Damian Marley also played "Khaki Suit" on the show, but the performance is only available on the episode's website on

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