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The Other Side of the Mountain
Season 1, Episode 3
Airdate October 1, 1963
Production Number 4605
Teleplay by Alan Caillou and
Harry Kronman
Story by Alan Caillou
Directed by James Sheldon
Produced by Alan A. Armer
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The FugitiveSeason One
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The Other Side of the Mountain is the third episode of the first season of The Fugitive.

Starring: David Janssen (The Fugitive)

Guest Stars: Sandy Dennis (Cassie), Frank Sutton (Jackson), Ruth White (Grams), R.G. Armstrong (Sheriff Bradley)

Also Starring: Barry Morse (Lt. Gerard)

with John D. Chandler (Quimby), Hugh Sanders (Leo), Johnny Day (Masters), Paul Birch (Police Captain)

and Bruce Dern (Martin)


Plot Overview

Kimble is passing through a small town in southernmost West Virginia and stops at a bar for a drink. Unfortunately, it turns out to be a place where they don't care too much for strangers. A local named Del Jackson and others hassle Kimble and then a fight breaks out in the bar. When a deputy arrives, Jackson pins the blame for the fight on Kimble. The deputy tries to take him in, but Kimble overpowers him only to be knocked out by the sheriff arriving on the scene. As the sheriff goes through his suitcase, Kimble regains consciousness and escapes unobserved (save for Jackson, who lets him go to spite the police) from the saloon. As a manhunt organizes for him, Kimble takes refuge in the nearby mountains.

A check on his fingerprints quickly turns up his true identity, and Lt. Gerard flies out to West Virginia to join the local posse in the hunt. With his pursuers closing in, Kimble jumps upon a nearby stalking figure. But the person he has encountered is not one of the lawmen, but a young hillbilly girl named Cassie, who lives with her grandmother in a nearby cabin. Cassie has already been paid a visit by the sheriff and she knows Kimble is the man he's after. However, she is infatuated with the fugitive and sees in him the possibility for escaping her dreary life in the sticks. Thus she offers to hide Kimble and lead him to safety. To make sure that Kimble does not run off too soon, she tells him a bogus story that she will be able to procure a truck for his escape.

Jackson pays a visit to Cassie's cabin and becomes suspicious when she will not let him inside. Kimble becomes impatient with Cassie's stalling and is eager to be out of the area, but Cassie convinces him that he will never make it through the mountains without her help. She tells him she knows of a route through an abandoned mine that will get him across the mountain.

Soon after the pair start off, Jackson's report to the searchers leads them to the cabin, and Cassie's grandmother denies they were ever there. Gerard, however, deduces that Kimble has indeed been staying there recently and the sheriff has also figured that the mine route is the probable avenue the two have attempted.

As Kimble and Cassie travel through the abandoned mine, Cassie continues to dawdle, hoping that she can convince Kimble to take her with him in his flight. Kimble is finally forced to reveal his true situation to her. This at last convinces Cassie that he must leave her behind just as their pursuers are heard in the distance. Cassie sends Kimble on his way out of the mine tunnels while she decoys Gerard and the others into a dead-end shaft. As soon as they are all in, she pulls down the timbers of the entrance, causing a small cave in which will trap the party for several hours and ensure that Kimble will have ample time to make a clean getaway far from the area.


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