The Famous Jett Jackson

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The Famous Jett Jackson
The Famous Jett Jackson-Title.jpg
Premiere October 25, 1998
Finale June 22, 2001
Creator Fracaswell Hyman
Network/Provider Disney Channel
Style 30-minute drama
Company AAC Kids,
Hal Roach Studios, Inc.
Seasons 3
Episodes 65 + 1 TV movie
Origin USA

The Famous Jett Jackson is a family drama about a child actor who stars in a show called Silverstone. Craving a normal life, he moves to his hometown in North Carolina, where he can work on the show and live life outside of the Hollywood bubble. The show within the show, Silverstone, is about a spy who works for Mission Omega Matrix in order to save the world from villains like Dr. Hypnoto and the Rat. Silverstone has no family, only his mentor, Nigel, and (eventually) his partner Hawk. In contrast, the young actor who plays Silverstone, Jett Jackson, lives with his father (who is the local sheriff) and his grandmother, Coretta. He keeps in touch with his actress mother by video link on his computer. Jett has a best friend, J.B., with whom he gets into scrapes.

The series is notable for being the first fictional original series created by Disney Channel. However, despite this precedent, it fell victim to Disney's 65 episode policy on June 22, 2001. The series was followed by a Disney Channel movie in which Jett finds himself trapped in Silverstone's world, and vice versa.

Many of the regular and recurring cast members from The Famous Jett Jackson have since appeared in another Canadian television series, Strange Days at Blake Holsey High, as stars, guest stars or in recurring roles.



Actor Character Duration
Main Cast
Lee Thompson Young Jett Jackson 1 2 3
Ryan Sommers Baum J.B. Halliburton 1 2 3
Kerry Duff Kayla West 1 2 3
Gordon Greene Wood Jackson 1 2 3
Montrose Hagins Miz Coretta Jackson 1 2 3
Melanie Nicholls-King Jules Jackson 1 2 3


Season Premiere Finale #
Disney Channel
Season One October 25, 1998 March 14, 1999 13
Season Two August 22, 1999 June 3, 2000 26
Season Three June 17, 2000 June 22, 2001 26
TV Movie
Jett Jackson: The Movie June 8, 2001


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