The Daily Show/Matt Taibbi (July 12, 2005)

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Matt Taibbi
Daily Show 2005-07-12.jpg
Senior Journalistologist Stephen Colbert
Airdate July 12, 2005
Production Number 10085
Guest(s) Matt Taibbi
July 11, 2005
Marci A. Hamilton
July 13, 2005
Bernard Goldberg
The Daily Show2005

This is the 85th episode of the 2005 season of The Daily Show.

Guest Stars: Matt Taibbi (Guest)


Episode Overview



  • Best Leak Ever on the Karl Rove leak.

"On-Location" Report


Columnist Matt Taibbi promoting his new book Spanking The Donkey.

Correspondent Titles

Moment of Zen

White House Press Secretary refusing to comment.