The Carmichael Show/Season One

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Season One
The Carmichael Show
Season Premiere August 26, 2015
Season Finale September 9, 2015
Episode Count 6



Season Two

Season One of The Carmichael Show premiered on August 26, 2015.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating Prod.
1 1 Pilot Nicholas Stoller &
Jerrod Carmichael &
Ari Katcher &
Willie Hunter
Mark Cendrowski August 26, 2015 4.826M 1.1% 1AYX01
When Jerrod decides to move in with his girlfriend, Maxine, he is incredibly hesitant to tell his opinionated parents, Cynthia and Joe. While Maxine feels they both need to be open and honest, Jerrod and his brother, Bobby are well aware that this is a recipe for disaster.
Teleplay by Nicholas Stoller & Jerrod Carmichael
2 2 Protest Jerrod Carmichael & Ari Katcher Gerry Cohen August 26, 2015 4.072M 0.9% 1AYX04
While the family prepares for Jerrod's birthday, a protest breaks out within the community, causing a divide in the family over social and political activism. Maxine and Cynthia decide to join the fight and participate in the protest, leaving Jerrod and Joe at home to hash out their differences.
3 3 Kale Mike Royce Michael Zinberg September 2, 2015 4.772M 1.2% 1AYX02
After forcing Joe and Cynthia to try kale, Joe has a minor heart complication. In addition to Joe's stubbornness, Cynthia's steadfast enabling pushes the family into a debate about health, death, and who will lead the family as Joe and Cynthia age.
4 4 Gender Mike Scully Betsy Thomas September 2, 2015 3.9M 1.1% 1AYX05
When Jerrod's mentee reveals a secret about his sexuality, Jerrod, Maxine and his family discuss their opinions on gender roles. While Jerrod attempts to understand and support the teenage boy, his brother Bobby is served with divorce papers.
5 5 Prayer Austen Earl Gerry Cohen September 9, 2015 4.604M 1% 1AYX03
When Maxine doesn't say "amen" after grace and then their reverend is hit by a car on his way home, Cynthia blames Maxine's disregard for prayer as the cause of the unfortunate accident. This ignites a passionate discussion about religion and spirituality within the Carmichael household. Eventually, Jerrod and Maxine are forced to discuss deeper aspects of their relationship.
6 6 Guns Aeysha Carr &
Hunter Covington
Gerry Cohen September 9, 2015 3.804M 0.9% 1AYX06
Maxine's dismay over Jerrod's gun sparks a debate throughout the family regarding gun control and gender power dynamics within a relationship. While Cynthia, Maxine, and Bobby bond over not wanting a gun in the house, Jerrod's attempt to prove his point goes terribly wrong.

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