The Candidate for Goddess

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The Candidate for Goddess
Premiere January 11, 2000
Finale March 27, 2000
Creator Yukiru Sugisaki (manga)
Network NHK BS2
Style 30-minute sci-fi anime
Company Xebec
Production I.G.
Seasons 1
Episodes 12 (plus 1 OVA)
(List of episodes)
Origin Japan

The Candidate for Goddess (2000) is a science fiction anime series set in the distant future and based on the manga series by Yukiru Sagisaki. The series is 12 episodes long, plus a single OVA which was released after the completion of the series.

In the year 4088, mankind is forced to live in space colonies due to the destruction of four planetary systems except for on uninhabitable planet called Zion. However, Zion is constantly being invaded by alien lifeforms and must be protected by human piloted machines called Goddesses. The series takes place in the Goddess Operation Academy where a class of young men with special powers are trained to control the Goddesses.

The series was licensed by Bandai Entertainment and an English dub was produced with the new name of Pilot Candidate in 2002. Although the series was broadcast on Adult Swim, the fledgling Cartoon Network adult animation block, it was originally meant to be broadcast on Toonami. Because Toonami is meant for a younger audience and is broadcast earlier in the day, it was edited heavily to appeal to adolescents. These edits remained intact when it moved blocks and likely contributed to the lack of interest in the series. The OVA episode was never broadcast in the United States.



Japanese Voices English Voices Character Duration
Main Cast
Yukimasa Obi Jeremiah Freedman Zero Enna 1
Miki Nagasawa Georgette Rose Kizna Towryk 1
Hiroyuki Yoshino Jim Taggert Clay Cliff Fortran 1
Susumu Chiba John Burnley Hiead Gner 1


Season Premiere Finale #
Season One January 11, 2000 March 27, 2000 12
Special Curriculum: Friends 2002


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DVD Releases

Title Release Date #
Complete Series
Complete Collection October 11, 2005 4

Episode Collections
The Academy November 6, 2001 1

Training January 8, 2002 1

Working Together March 5, 2002 1

The Test May 7, 2002 1