The Archie Comedy Hour

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The Archie Comedy Hour
The Archie Comedy Hour-Title.jpg
Premiere September 13, 1969
Finale January 10, 1970
Based on Archie
the comics created by
John Goldwater
the comics created by
George Gladir &
Dan DeCarlo
Network/Provider CBS
Style 60-minute animated comedy
Company Filmation Associates,
Archie Comics
Seasons 1
Episodes 17
Origin USA

The Archie Comedy Hour is an animated comedy that aired on CBS. It was an expansion of The Archie Show which aired the previous season.

New to the show was Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. Sabrina was a sweet girl who had to keep her witchcraft a secret from her Riverdale pals. Also new to the show was "Side Show", a segment patterned after Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In, blackouts and, of course, songs. It spawned two hit singles during the series, "Sugar Sugar" and "Jingle Jangle."

Episodes from The Archie Show were shown at the tail end of this show and the original hour-long format of Archie's Funhouse, the show from the next season in 1970. Many people mistake this for the hour-long version of "The Archie Comedy Hour" in 1969. "The Archie Comedy Hour" was actually comprised of all new material; none of it had been shown on the previous season's The Archie Show. On the night following the show's premiere, CBS screened a primetime special titled Archie and His New Pals. In the special, Sabrina is introduced as the newcomer and with all the hustle and bustle regarding a school election she has difficulty making friends. School hulk Big Moose eventually befriends Sabrina (after Moose himself making a shambles from election activities) and she helps Moose win the election over egomaniac Reggie Mantle.

The following season, Sabrina was spun off into her own show, Sabrina and the Groovie Goolies while the Archie series became Archie's Funhouse Starring the Giant Jukebox.

Segments from The Archie Comedy Hour were later shown in a 30-minute format show called Everything's Archie on Saturday mornings on CBS in 1973. The show was called The Archie/Sabrina Show in non-USA markets. (The Archie/Sabrina Hour would air on NBC in the 1977 season as an all-new show. At mid-season it was broken up into two separate shows, Bang Shang Lalapalooza and Super Witch). This show would mark the last time that the song segments from The Archie Comedy Hour were shown on TV. For whatever reason, those song segments were not made available in the syndicated Archie package in 1977, and the film elements for most of them are now missing.

The Archie Comedy Hour was produced by Filmation Associates. Classic Media, which now owns some of the Filmation properties (including its shows based on the Archie Comics properties), is the show's distributor.



Actor Character
Main Cast
Jane Webb Sabrina
Betty Cooper
Veronica Lodge
Miss Grundy
Big Ethel
Dal McKennon Archie Andrews
Hot Dog
Chili Dog
Hot Dog Jr.
Mr. Weatherbee
Coach Cleats
"Pops" Tate
Howard Morris Forsythe P. "Jughead" Jones
Dilton Doiley
Big Moose
John Irwin Reggie Mantle
Ron Dante Archie (singing voice)
Toni Wine Veronica (singing voice)


Season  Premiere Finale #
Season One September 13, 1969 January 3, 1970 17


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