The Andy Griffith Show/The County Clerk

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The County Clerk
Airdate March 14, 1966
Writer(s) Bill Idelson & Sam Bobrick
Director(s) Alan Rafkin
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A Baby in the House
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The Foster Lady
The Andy Griffith ShowSeason Six

Guest Stars: Aneta Corsaut (Helen Crump), Jack Dodson (Howard Sprague), Mabel Albertson (Mrs. Sprague), Nina Shipman (Irene), Jim Begg (Young Man), Colleen O'Sullivan (Young Girl)


Plot Overview

At Helen's insistence, Andy arranges for them to go on a double date with the county clerk Howard Sprague and the pretty new area health officer, Irene Fairchild. Howard and Andy have known each other since high school but have never socialized a great deal. Howard is a bachelor who still lives with his mother around whom his life revolves for the most part. When he tells her that he is going out on a date, her possessiveness practically ruins the evening as she feigns being ill. It's clear that Mrs. Sprague isn't about to let Howard live his own life so again it's up to Andy to come up with a solution.