The Andy Griffith Show/A Baby in the House

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A Baby in the House
Airdate March 7, 1966
Writer(s) Bill Idelson & Sam Bobrick
Director(s) Alan Rafkin
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Eat Your Heart Out
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The County Clerk
The Andy Griffith ShowSeason Six

Guest Stars: George Lindsey (Goober), Aneta Corsaut (Helen), Alvy Moore (Salesman), Jim Connell (Darryl), Candace Howard (Martha), Ronny Dapo (Pete)


Plot Overview

When Aunt Bee gets a call from her niece Martha asking if she would take take care of their baby for a week while they attend a wedding, she gladly accepts. She also assures Andy that the baby will be no trouble at all. She's somewhat taken aback however when the baby cries every time she picks her up. Others seem to have no problem, including Andy. She soon finds herself asking anyone who is handy to stop by the house at feeding times, as she's convinced herself that the baby hates her. An emergency of sorts convinces her otherwise.