The Andy Griffith Show/Sam for Town Council

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Sam for Town Council
Airdate March 11, 1968
Writer(s) Dick Bensfield & Perry Grant
Director(s) Lee Philips
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Opie and Mike
The Andy Griffith ShowSeason Eight

Co-Starring: George Lindsey (Goober), Jack Dodson (Howard), Paul Hartman (Emmett), Aneta Corsaut (Helen)

Special Guest Star: Ken Berry (Sam Jones)

Guest Stars: Gil Lamb (Lou), Don Sturdy (Harry), Penny Kunard (Mrs. Farley), Roy Engel (Mr. Perkins), Dick Johnstone (Mr. Calvin), Mary Lou Taylor (Mrs. Barton)


Plot Overview

When a long-time Councilman suddenly leaves, some of the men wonder who they could convince to run in the special election that will be held. They decide on farmer Sam Jones as just the type of honest, hard working man they think would be ideal for the job. Emmett thinks he would make a pretty good Councilman and also decides to toss his hat in the ring. Emmett's political style is old school, basically promising anything to anyone and he's getting quite a following as a result. Sam realizes that he's going to have to scramble if he wants any chance of winning and bases his campaign on openness and transparency with no promises to special interests. The race comes down to the wire with no one knowing who will win.