The Andy Griffith Show/Opie and Mike

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Opie and Mike
Airdate March 18, 1968
Writer(s) Doug Tibbles
Director(s) Lee Philips
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Sam for Town Council
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A Girl for Goober
The Andy Griffith ShowSeason Eight

Co-Starring: George Lindsey (Goober)

Special Guest Star: Ken Berry (Sam Jones)

Guest Stars: Buddy Foster (Mike Jones), Diane Quinn (Heather), Kellie Flanagan (Claudia), Russell Schulman (Edgar)


Plot Overview

When Sam Jones' son Mike is being bullied at school, Opie offers to help out. He puts the bully in his place and soon Mike has a big brother and a hero to to look up to. They spend a lot of time together and Andy is worried that because of the differences in their ages, it's inevitable that Opie will move on and Mike will be hurt as a result. Opie says not to worry, that these things always work themselves out. Soon, Opie develops an interest in the new girl that has just moved in next door and doesn't have a lot of time for Mike. Sam has a talk with his son about human nature but Mike soon finds his own reasons not to be blue.